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Jumbo Package: Thursday, 8 January 2015

Be gentle, I've never done a JP before.

Guess who's back in Starkville?
Guess who's back in Starkville?
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Taylor, formerly of Georgia Bulldogs, enrolls at University of Alabama - ESPN

Former Georgia defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor, who was dismissed from the team in July after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, enrolled in classes at Alabama on Wednesday.

Yes, he can play. But, given that Pettway got a second chance already, does Alabama really want to get LSU's reputation for turning a blind eye to potentially-felonious assaults? This may be a matter of trusting the coaches, but prepare for Auburn, etc. to fire up the ole' Hot Take Machine on this one.

MSU announces Manny Diaz as new defensive coordinator
Mississippi State announced Manny Diaz as its new defensive coordinator on Monday after he signed a three-year deal.

I CAN'T QUIT YOU, DAN MULLEN! This is just weird. Then again, at least we know there will be a constant under Diaz, and 180 degree turnaround from this year: the secondary will be very good, and the front seven will suffer.

SEC football by the numbers |
A collection of stats and facts, feats and streaks about the SEC's bowl season.

Interesting stuff here: It's been 71 years since a longer punt than J.K. Scott's boomer in the Sugar Bowl; Alabama makes 62nd bowl game (and more.)

Former LSU DC John Chavis spoke with Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin minutes before Tigers' bowl game |

While Chavis and his LSU wife were presumably "preparing" for the Irish pre-game, John Chavis was calling his mistress in College Station. He better hope this works out, because this is the coordinator equivalent of pulling a Petrino.Why Chavis would torpedo a two-decade+ reputation is, frankly, beyond me.

#DearAndy: Is it already time to consider an eight-team playoff? |

Of course, an eight-team playoff was clearly the plan all along. Why else have five AQ conferences, and some deserving runners-up, for to populate a field of four? This is the playoff creep we all warned you of.