20 Insanely Ridiculous and Crazy Ass Reasons Alabama Lost the Sugar Bowl

These are first and foremost not the only reasons Bama lost and just because it didn’t happen on game day doesn’t mean it didn’t contribute to the final outcome. And don’t get all bent for being included – I included myself in these reasons. We all have to remember the finer points to The Process – you always, always have to do the things that bring you success every single time. I do not pretend to know everything though many of you may believe that I do. This may come from the misconceived notion that I have some direct connection to restricted airwaves. These are in no coherent order and come from pure conjecture, random and arbitrarily coined phrases, blatant misrepresentations of other’s words and thoughts, and a general lack of rational thought:

1. Someone didn’t wear their lucky apparel (shirt, pants, shoes, hat, etc.)

2. Someone drank too much or not enough before, during, or after the game

3. Someone had made plans on leaving the team before the game (cough Supreme Manager cough)

4. Someone no longer has a swimming pool for their Christmas tree

5. Someone still drinks Zima

6. A lot of someone’s have not posted in a LONG, LONG, LONG time (cough Ladies included cough)

7. Someone didn’t TL;DR

8. A lot of someone’s didn’t hoodoo

9. A bunch of someone’s didn’t post a Random 10

10. A certain someone didn’t wish all his fellow RBR’s a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

11. A certain someone didn’t post any New Year’s Resolutions

12. A lot of someone’s were too busy enjoying Crablegs U getting shellacked

13. A bunch of someone’s believed Urban’s depth chart

14. Someone sold their glass table

15. A bunch of someone’s didn’t pay their monthly/ yearly RBR subscription fees

16. The real RBR Sweetheart never stepped up and identified herself

17. A few someone’s failed to post bewb/bootay gifs to the Football Gods

18. A very few someone’s quit posting hunks for the ladies

19. A lot of someone’s have been confusing tools and weapons

20. A bunch of someone’s haven’t been wishing Roger a "Happy Birthday"

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