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Jumbo Package: College Football Tire Fire

Yesterday was eventful, to say the least.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Clown Town

Nick Saban has not seen Bielema-Robinson incident

"What I did see was Cam got blocked pretty well on the play by one of the players, and on our tape, he got up and shoved another player in frustration. That's basically what I saw and that's what I assumed the penalty was for and about, so that's really all I can comment on. And I think when you retaliate, push a player, you can expect to get a penalty. The rest of it, I can't really comment about because I haven't really seen it."

Saban is right on this: Cam did react in frustration. That said, the penalty was for some manufactured clown car nonsense Bielema instigated, replete with a flop and celebration. What a joke. #SposedToBeSEC.

There is another video floating around where BERT arguably takes a run at Kenyan Drake, as well. That one seemed more the product of a morbidly obese, dinosaur-footed, buffoon than a CamRob repeat. The greater point for me here is that Bielema is on the field or arguably jostling opposing players, and Alabama gets a sideline warning during the game? GTFOH, SEC. Your officiating crews are trying to prove a very stupid point after Nick Saban's criticisms and are coming across as churlish and petty.

Not an easy road

Texas A&M poses new challenges for Alabama - The Crimson White

"The skill players they have are capable of beating you one-on-one," Saban said. "They do a lot of things that are real challenges when it comes to big plays. If you make one mistake when you're that spread out, you have a chance for a guy to catch it and run with it." Saban said last year’s 59-0 home shutout against Texas A&M was a crazy game. He said the Aggies’ offense because of the development of quarterback Kyle Allen and the addition of freshman receiver Christian Kirk. "He lines up in the slot quite a bit, so you can't really just put a guy on him," Saban said. "He is very explosive, great run after the catch guy, very good out of the break, very quick, has good hands, great balance and body control."

The Aggies have the deepest wide, most talented receiving corps in the country. It is going to require a Herculean effort for defenders to maintain their assignments, all while spying Kyle Allen, who can hurt opponents with his feet as well.

Injuries and mental mistakes

Are injuries hampering Alabama LT Cam Robinson this year? |

Robinson has a history of playing through tough injuries. Last year, he suffered a sprained ankle and sprained shoulder but played through the pain. Pierschbacher said Monday he didn't think Robinson was limited by injuries, but deferred further comment to Saban. Whether Robinson is playing through injuries again this year isn't totally clear, but it at least looks like he isn't 100 percent healthy on the field. After suffering his knee injury during preseason camp, Robinson credited mental toughness for how he plays through injuries. "It takes mental toughness and a little bit of that magic they work in the training room," Robinson said. "If you want to push though it bad enough, you'll be able to play through it."

The article is one of those tacit non-confession confessions that lawyers and priests love. Is anyone saying CamRob is hurt? Absolutely not. Yet, 700 words are splayed across the page, including a nice quote from Robinson, about playing hurt and taking snaps in pain. So, yeah, he's hurt. Myles Garrett has to be licking his chops, to say the least. It is up to Coach Kiffin to protect him (and Coker,) by running right at the Aggie interior defensive line, who cannot stop a cold, and moving Coker in the pocket in obvious passing situations. I suspect we'll see a lot of Dakota Ball this week to stay in and chip the excellent TAMU defensive ends.

What's the problem with Alabama kicker Adam Griffith? Nick Saban weighs in |

"You have to be able to take it to the game," Saban said, "by focusing on the very things that allow you to have the success in practice that you have....Mentally, you have to have a positive attitude about what you're doing," Saban said. "You have to believe in it. You have to trust it. You have to think about 'What does it take to make this kick?' And not think about 'What's going to happen if I miss?' I think a lot of that is eliminating the negatives and focusing on the process of what you have to do to be consistent in what you're doing."

In a scenario that has become all too familiar in Tuscaloosa, we've ruined another kicker's headspace. The position is an unusual one that requires a variety of motivation tactics, some nurturing, and lots of psychological mentoring, and for whatever reason this coaching staff has not been able to coach or manage the kicking game in almost a decade.


Reggie Ragland Named SEC Defensive Player of the Week - ROLLTIDE.COM - University of Alabama Official Athletic Site

Alabama senior linebacker Reggie Ragland was named the Southeastern Conference Defensive Player of the Week, the league office announced on Monday. The conference award is Ragland's first of his career.

Ragland was a grown-damned-man on Saturday. With with Myles Jack and Kendall Beckwith, the 2016 draft will have phenomenal playmakers in the middle.

Thanks, CBS

Alabama-Tennessee game time still up in the air |

The SEC and its television partners on Monday announced a delay in the decision for the game time. It will air either at 2:30 p.m. CT on CBS or 6 p.m. CT on ESPN. The Ole Miss-Texas A&M game is also under consideration for those two time slots. It would appear the winner of Saturday's Alabama-Texas A&M game would get the 2:30 p.m. game on CBS.

CBS exercised its 6-day hold to see if Alabama or Ole Miss choke this week. While an Alabama win this week would make for a short Roll 'Bama Roll tailgate next week, I'll be glad to leave the stadium and get home before midnight. #OldFatGuy

Follow the money

Twitter suspends accounts for sports sites Deadspin and SB Nation

Interestingly, the NFL and Twitter partnered in August, CNN Money wrote. "Twitter users and brands cannot get enough NFL video and news, and they'll now get more of it, and faster, than ever before," Glenn Brown, head of Twitter Content Partnerships, said in a press statement. They already partnered in 2013, but the newer partnership promised Twitter users would "have access to significantly more official NFL content than in the past, including in-game highlights from preseason through Super Bowl 50."

The Mothership won't tell you why they got suspended, but, yes, it's about the money. And, yes, it was probably because of the NFL, which partnered with Twitter this past offseason. The SBNation Gif and SBNation main hub thrive off of NFL Vines to draw traffic. No longer, I'd say, barring a licensing deal. That's fine, Yglesias and his Vox empire can afford it.

This brings up another issue with e-Media, namely licensing and intellectual property. Ours is a poaching business, grabbing this and that under the guise of fair use, with seldom regard to encroaching upon rights' holders (although, we crack a very sharp lash around this here Alabama site.) The levee is going to break at some point, especially with all the cash at stake for everyone.


Steve Sarkisian fired as USC football coach, has checked into a treatment facility -

USC has fired head coach Steve Sarkisian following the announcement of his leave of absence regarding his health and his alleged behavior under the influence of alcohol while at work, the school announced Monday: 'After careful consideration of what is in the best interest of the university and our student-athletes, I have made the decision to terminate Steve Sarkisian, effective immediately.

The Will Grier explainer: What got Florida's QB suspended, and what happens next - Alligator Army

Grier failed an NCAA-administered drug test at some point in the recent past. He told assembled media at a Florida press conference on Monday that he "took an over-the-counter supplement that had something in it" without getting assurances from Florida's training staff that it was acceptable to take. "I really hope that people can learn from this, learn from my mistake," Grier said. "I'm really sorry to ... everyone. Just really sorry." Florida coach Jim McElwain, who echoed Grier's wording on an over-the-counter (OTC) supplement, also said that Grier made an "honest mistake," but that it "can be prevented, by checking with our medical staff." While McElwain did not mention in his opening remarks that Grier failed an NCAA drug test, he confirmed that later.

Police say former Texas A&M wide receiver Thomas Johnson has admitted to randomly attacking and killing a man on a Dallas jogging trail | FOX Sports

Police say former Texas A&M wide receiver Thomas Johnson has admitted to randomly attacking and killing a man on a Dallas jogging trail. Dallas police Deputy Chief Rob Sherwin says Johnson admitted to killing the jogger with a "large-edged weapon" in a random act of rage on the White Rock Creek Trail early Monday.

Suspended Mizzou QB Maty Mauk favorites tweets making fun of team's QB situation

It would appear suspended Missouri quarterback Maty Mauk is a little salty about the team's quarterback situation. During the Tigers' 21-3 loss to Florida Saturday, Mauk spent his evening favoriting tweets that seemingly made fun of freshman quarterback Drew Lock.

Steve Spurrier is retiring now as South Carolina's head coach, per multiple reports -

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is retiring, according to Sports Illustrated's Thayer Evans and others. "An interim head coach will be named Tuesday morning at 8:30 ET," reports. FS also tweeted that this is "effective immediately." Quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus is expected to be named the interim head coach, according to The State's Josh Kendall.

I could write a thousand words about each and every one of these stories (as well as Laremy Tunsil's return to Ole Miss.) The only thing I do want to say is that Spurrier was the SEC's original modern villain, one who became grudgingly respected and eventually well-regarded, perhaps even beloved

The Hot Takes are flying off the shelf regarding his "quitting" on his team. That's frankly B.S. Quitting on your team and sticking it out just to play out the string from some misplaced obligation, knowing you're not doing your job or giving your kids what they deserve, is the greater offense. It's like staying in a dead marriage. A younger, hungrier interim staff, intent on proving itself, will be much better positioned to try and salvage the Gamecocks' season.

Enjoy the links, OBC. You've earned it.