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Morning Jumbo Package: Liars And Cheaters Edition

Color me shocked, but Ole Miss may have some dirty guys on their team. And Bret Bielema is a liar.

Liar and cheater, Laremy Tunsil.
Liar and cheater, Laremy Tunsil.
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Today, we will have two Jumbo Packages. This morning edition addresses just the nonsense coming out of SEC West the past 24 hours. The afternoon edition is more of a standard JP, but there are just so many stories and far too much to cover in one edition.

Switch to decaf, fam. We have an aggravating ride, and your blood will boil. You're welcome.

Are you f'n kidding me? Part One.

Kellenberger: Ole Miss, Tunsil fortunate to be back

The list of impermissible benefits Tunsil has received in Oxford is lengthy and more than just the one loaner car which had been previously reported. It was about three of them, over a six-month period without payment. A four-month interest-free promissory note on a $3,000 down payment for purchasing a used vehicle, two nights of lodging at a local home, an airline ticket purchased by a friend of a teammate and one day use of a rental vehicle were also among the impermissible benefits Tunsil has received in Oxford. Tunsil was also apparently less than truthful with the NCAA when first asked about all these things, and the NCAA is a lot like a mother in this regard: lying only makes it worse.

And this is just the rot from one player from the dirtiest SEC class in living memory. Wait until there is a full-bore investigation -- SMU will have gotten off lightly.

Can you imagine if an Alabama player had these findings from the NCAA? And, how on god's earth did this not rise to lack of institutional supervision? Oxford is the size of my townhouse. Everyone, literally everyone, in that midden knew what was up with Tunsil. And then to lie to investigators? Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Dez Bryant get suspended for an entire season for lying about a dinner? Tunsil did a helluva lot worse here and lied about a helluva lot more.

Are you f'n kidding me?! Part Two.

Bret Bielema says he was pushed in incident during Alabama game, did not instigate |

So I jumped in front. ... I knew my players weren't going to touch me, I knew that. "So I kinda jumped in front and then there's a lot of things going on. I know I got pushed out. I don't know if whatever happened, but I turned around and that's when I saw the flag and knew something happened. But the league told me it was more off of the action towards other players rather than anything directed towards my actions or him pushing me into my actions, or whatever it was."

I will say this, without further editorializing, and I will own these words. You, Bret Bielema, are a liar.

Are you f'n kidding me?! Part Three.

Exiled receiver Duke Williams apologizes to Auburn: 'I made mistake after mistake' |

I just wanna say sorry to my family my teammates and the auburn family/fans... Everybody love you when Yu on top but once you hit the bottom all the negativity come out but it's only human I wish my brothers the best of luck the rest of the season do work... Ima miss everything about AU from friends to teammates especially the fans but I can't hold back I got to live life.

Please, play the hater card, Duke. Tell us how haters have anything to do with the disrespectful, assault-prone, locker room cancer and half-asser you were to fans, teammates, coaches, and the city of Auburn.

Are you f'n kidding me?! Part Four

SEC commissioner spoke with Bret Bielema about Cam Robinson interaction |

"Football is played in an intense competitive environment and I reminded him of the need for head coaches to resolve with their own players issues that may arise, which was his intent. The unsportsmanlike penalty assessed on the play was not directly associated with Bret's efforts to intervene at the end of the play and we are moving forward in a positive manner."

The above is part of the commissioner's statements re: Bielema's barking carnival on Saturday night. Sankey is just going to let it rip, eh? Just take Bret at his word to minimize embarrassment, place all the blame on CamRob and then give us some mealymouthed words about "intense competitive environment?"

The video is clear. Bielema did not, in any shape or form, enter onto the field to separate players. He physically jostled a member of an opposing team. He woofed and got into the face of a student athlete for which he was not responsible, and when no physical altercation was occurring. Then, Bielema flailed backward into a dive that would make Greg Louganis jealous, and thereafter celebrated the penalty he both instigated and manufactured.

You, Greg Sankey, like Bret Bielema and Laremy Tunsil, are a liar.