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Afternoon Jumbo Package: A&M Presents Biggest Test

Ole Miss was tough, UGA was supposed to be. But it is the Texas A&M Aggies that will test the Alabama defense.

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This man is holding out for Georgia. Sorry, South Carolina.
This man is holding out for Georgia. Sorry, South Carolina.
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone feeling okay? We get our BERT/Tunsil/Sankey angst taken care of? Good. We now move on to the second Jumbo Package, where we're just going to talk football...and maybe monetary policy, if the last thread was any indication.

No comments on this one, folks. I'm out of hot takes for the day, having spent them all in a fit of angst this morning.

Kenyan Drake slows things down to see more touches

“I always felt that I want to take advantage of any opportunity I get, so I might try to do it too much in the sense of every time I get the ball I want to score a touchdown,” Drake said. “Well, anyone would want to, but everyone will have the will to win but has to have the will to prepare to win. I think I had my best week of practice last week, and I felt I played my best game last week, too.”

A gameday in the life of SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey

Shaw noted a couple of linemen also left the field with what appeared to be tweaked knees, only to return later. Unlike Chubb, the linemen had been wearing knee braces. What if, Shaw says, every player is required to wear a knee brace? “There’s no competitive disadvantage,” Shaw says. But Sankey seems skeptical. When they reengage on the topic later, at the SEC offices, he suggests a lot more study would be necessary.

Okay, I lied (like Bielema and Tunsil.) Anyone else think it's weird that Sankey is using Roy Kramer as his SEC Commish mentor rather than the years he spent under Mike Slive? If Sankey is Kramer 2.0 (and officiating certainly looks that way,) Alabama has some larger issues looming.

Gameplanning Begins for Football's Trip to College Station on Saturday - ROLLTIDE.COM - University of Alabama Official Athletic Site

The Tide began to narrow its focus to stopping an explosive, but balanced Aggie offense. Texas A&M has always been known for offense under head coach Kevin Sumlin, but this season's defense under new coordinator John Chavis is much improved. The two teams will square off this Saturday, Oct. 10, at Kyle Field. CBS will air the game with Verne Lundquist, Gary Danielson and Allie LaForce calling the battle of top-10s with kickoff scheduled for 2:30 p.m. CT.

Steve Spurrier immediately eligible for Hall of Fame, report says

Spurrier, 70, announced his resignation as South Carolina’s football coach on Tuesday. He will not have to wait five years and would be eligible to be in the 2017 class.

Call this the "Bear Bryant/Joe Pa Clause." Don't let folks die before you can get a bronze bust and acceptance speech up.

Texas A&M DC John Chavis admits he's psyched up to face Alabama |

"I think, yeah, I hate to admit it, but probably so," Chavis told reporters on Tuesday. "You look at their stature. This is a big game for Texas A&M. My focus is on Texas A&M and this game being about us, but certainly, you've got a chance to go and compete against one of the best teams in the league and if that doesn't get you excited as a coach or player, you've got something missing. Players get (excited) for a game like this and coaches do too."

I'm pretty excited for 3rd-and-Chavis too. Perhaps the Aggies' generous run defense and 3rd down prevention is just the thing this team needs to get out of its 3-and-out funk.

Alabama practice report: Notes on missing QB, injured WR, Calvin Ridley |

— What may have been Coker's only deep attempt was a nicely-placed pass that hit wide receiver Derek Kief in stride in the back of the end zone.

— Always energetic outside linebackers Tosh Lupoi was especially fired up Tuesday, challenging his position group even more than normal during drills.

Pump the brakes on Kirby Smart speculation with South Carolina job for now |

It is notable to see Smart's name being floated, even if it's not from anything concrete. The 39-year old was a hot name after the 2012 season, but has since cooled in the realm of head coaching rumors. Defensive coaches aren't quite the same commodity in these days of hurry-up, spread-em-out offenses. Most of the other names under South Carolina speculation ― Houston's Tom Herman, Memphis' Justin Fuente, WKU's Jeff Brohm and others ― coach high-powered offenses.

The Gamecocks may want Kirby, but is right -- Herman, and especially Fuente, are slam dunk, offensive superstars. The 'Cocks may not be good, but they'll be fast and exciting. (ISWYDT.)

Here are Joel Klatt's picks for the next USC head coach - 'The Herd' | FOX Sports

Who does Joel Klatt think USC should hire? Hint: It's a familiar name that comes up every year.