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WAKE UP! Saturday Morning Early Open Thread

On a crucial Saturday throughout the nation, even the morning games are compelling.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

WAKE UP! It's sorting out Saturday, as there are four key matchups pitting ranked teams, including six teams in the Top 12. Sparty-Wolverines, Florida-LSU, and Alabama-A&M you already know. To those, add an undefeated Iowa team hosting Northwestern. Who'd have thought that would be a huge game in the Big Ten?

Looking closer to home, most of the conference action is mid-day and primetime, but, there is a doozy at 11 Central, when the Memphis Tigers host the Ole Miss Rebels. Whatever the over is, take it. This one will define "shootout."

The Starkville Bulldogs have a sneaky tough game with an increasingly-competent La. Tech team. A State loss isn't unfathomable, and is actually more possible than CLANGA wants to admit.

Here are some games to keep an eye on this morning:

Louisiana Tech at Mississippi State 11am/12pm, SECN

West Virginia at Baylor 11am/12pm, FOX FOX wordmark.svg

Iowa at Northwestern 11am/12pm, ESPN2

Louisville at Florida State 11am/12pm, ESPN ESPN

Ole Miss at Memphis 11am/12pm, ABCABCor


What are you watching?