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Jumbo Package: They Dirty

It's Gump Day of the Tennessee Hate Week. Let's use the opportunity to throw more shade.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As part of the whole "leaving-college-and-trying-to-get-a-real-job" thing, I am currently putting together this jumbo package, not in the promised land of Tuscaloosa, but from just outside of Knoxville. I can practically smell the orange from here, and it just smells dirty.

The Redemption of Alabama's Former Can't-Miss Prospect, Alvin Kamara | Bleacher Report

"He’s a good dude on and off the field," Ragland said. "He had his little issues here, but it is what it is, and I think when we play them it’s going to be a friendly meeting with one another, because there are others on the team who have love for him, and I have love for him regardless.

"Whenever we meet, before the game, after the game, whenever, I’m always going to show love to him, I’m always going to have love for him, even though his time here was short. Either way, if he needs something he can call on me, and if I need something from him I can call on him."

However, the first time they collide on the field, Ragland said he’ll help him up and say, "What’s up, little bro?"

"I’m going to say ‘What’s up, big bro?’ and keep it moving," Kamara said.

The article is a bit old, but it is a decent read, especially for Bleacher Report. Depending on your perspective, it has been pretty cool to see Kamara come back and succeed in D-1 football after not fitting in at Bama. It is just really unfortunate that it had to be at Tennessee, and now Kamara is going to have to meet Mr. Ragland this weekend.

Georgia compares Gordo LB Ben Davis to Alabama great; Florida jumps into mix |

"They just came out ready to play," Davis said. "I talked to the whole defensive coaching staff. They said they really need me at Alabama and I'm going to take some more visits and see what comes of it."

Davis is playing inside linebacker and doesn't come off the field much in close games. Gordo uses him as a receiver and tight end on offense.

"He's having a great year," Gordo coach Ryan Lolley said. "He's performing each and every week. A lot of times, the expectations for him are unreal and people are wanting video game type numbers, but he's a great leader for us on and off the field. We're tickled to death to have him on our team."

Though long to be considered a near lock to commit to Alabama, the longer he waits to declare, the more us Alabama fans start to worry. Jeremy Pruitt over at Georgia publicly said that Davis reminded him of Rolando McClain... Pruitt is trying to use our own former players against us... Aside from that, Davis still seems fairly solid to Bama, and continues to shine in his senior season.

Top 10: Tide in the NFL (Week 6) Photos

6. OL James Carpenter, New York Jets Carpenter helped pave the way for another monster day on the ground for running back Chris Ivory and the Jets’ ground game in the team’s 34-20 win over the Washington Redskins. New York amassed 221 rushing yards and scored two rushing touchdowns in the Sunday win.

After struggling with injuries for his first three years in Seattle, Carpenter finally put things together last year and became a permanent fixture on the line. The Jets then shelled out a good sum of money to put Carpenter on the team, and he has played exceptionally thus far in 2015. Meanwhile, Seattle's offensive line has degraded into what is most likely the worst in the NFL.

Alabama Crimson Tide Vulnerable vs. Tennessee Vols

So are we supposed to believe that after that performance, a Tennessee team that lost by one point to Florida, who then blew out an Ole Miss team that beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa, would have no chance against that same Tide team?

Now this, my friends, is playing some real scoreboard football. This guy is really throwing some hate towards Bama, and has actually convinced himself that the Tide is overrated by playing scoreboard football. It is a pretty great read if you enjoy laughing at delusional Volunteer fans.

Watch: Deer breaks into bounce house business -

MOUNT JULIET, Tenn., Oct. 20 (UPI) -- A Tennessee police department said a deer "will not be charged" after crashing through the front window of an inflatable bounce business.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee...

If I comment on this JP after it gets posted Wednesday morning, you all will know I survived Knoxville. If not, well, just make me a martyr for the Crimson Tide or something. Maybe it'll bring the team good luck for the rest of the season. Let's finish out hate week strong, gumps.

Ed Note: Two articles were forwarded to me that are interesting reads.

If the College Football Playoff were to start this moment, these 4 teams should be in -

Alabama's front seven is being acknowledged as the best in the country, and yet I still don't think it is getting enough credit. Its reserves are better than probably 5 to 10 other top-25 teams'. You win national championships with elite defensive line play.

Bud spitting truth bombs here. Elite line play has been the SEC's winning formula since about 1998, and there's no reason it won't carry over as the season progresses. This is one reason why people were high on a healthy Ole Miss squad, and one of the reasons I'm not sold on LSU as a valid national title contender -- yet.

Alabama 41, Texas A&M 23: Returns completely defined this odd game - Football Study Hall

What a strange damn game. If not for a hilarious amount of turnover damage, A&M would have had an excellent chance to win. And if not for a punt return touchdown, Alabama would have been able to put the game away long before the fourth quarter. (It was 31-20 heading into the fourth, so it was MOSTLY put away, but still.)

SURPRISE! Alabama's defense did the damage and Alabama's special teams shot itself in the foot. Repeatedly. Ignored in this analysis, though, is that fact that is the sorriest damn officiated game I've seen in a good, long while. I understand Saban feels the need and has the prerogative to speak out about officiating and how the rules are being called. But, for the third or fourth game this season, bizarre phantom calls against the Tide and damning no-calls against its opponent have been issues. Steve Shaw is damned clown for letting this persist.