What happened to this place

I remember this website when it first began. Two or Three years ago, control was shifted. The website counter really means a lot when you see what the difference was as the website began, gained traction, and to what it is now. (See web counter history) I miss the old. To be fair, I equally support the community moving forward. I just ask that maybe we can get back to some of that reporting that updated quickly, to the minute, and not linked to some random beat blogger. (They are good, I'm just saying, let's get an insider) Maybe try to establish some of those old connections where this blog actually had a say in articles rather than just posting links. I love Roll Bama Roll, and I love the Crimson Tide. I was taught if you don't ask for it, you would never receive. Come on guys! Be original. Be quick. Be innovative. Roll Tide.

Side note, I hope we can all make this a hell hole of a stadium for LSU coming up! Should be a great home game weekend so let's drink, chat, and have a blessed day!

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