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Week 5 Poll Review: 'Bama Wins Big; Drops 8 Spots. Huh?

In which Bama drops 8 spots after beating Georgia

Greyson Lambert has more control over this pass than some voters do over their ballots.
Greyson Lambert has more control over this pass than some voters do over their ballots.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Florida blew out Ole Miss who barely beat Alabama, who blew out Georgia, but it's never that simple.

The AP Top 25

Ohio State retained the #1 spot but lose first-place votes after each pedestrian performance. The first unanimous preseason #1 now has only 38 of the 61 first-place votes after beating Indiana by just seven points.

Michigan State fell from #2 to #4 after looking supremely average against Purdue; now TCU and Baylor are virtually tied at #2.

Four FCS teams have played a tougher schedule so far than TCU has. Nine have had a tougher road than Baylor.

The highest-ranked SEC team is LSU at #7, but it's early to be worried about the SEC missing the playoffs just yet. The picture will clear after the regular season playoff in November: #1 Ohio State vs #4 Michigan State on November 21 and #2 TCU vs #3 Baylor on November 27.

Florida jumped 14 spots for their win over Ole Miss, who fell from #3 to #14. Georgia fell from #8 to #19.

#6 Clemson and #12 Notre Dame have swapped spots after their game. UCLA fell from #7 to #20 after losing at home to Arizona State. Wisconsin dropped out after managing to score just six points against Iowa; now the Hawkeyes are in the Top 25 for the first time in five years, which will surely get Kirk Ferentz the raise and extension he deserves..

#5 Utah, #8 Alabama, #9 Texas A&M and #10 Oklahoma all jumped five spots thanks to four of last week's top nine lost.

AP Ballots

Florida beat the brakes off of Ole Miss, so the undefeated Gators should be ranked above the 4-1 Rebels. But Ed Daigneault has Ole Miss #14 and Florida #23. Ryan Finley has Ole Miss #9 and Florida #21!

Josh Kendall has Texas A&M at #1. Ed Johnson gave Alabama their highest ranking at #2.

Mitch Vingle dropped Alabama further for beating Georgia than he did for losing to Ole Miss.

Four AP voters ranked Alabama lower this week than last week. Three voters dropped us one spot; one dropped us two, but the writer from the Charleston Gazette-Mail had 'Bama higher than any other AP voter last week then dropped the Tide from #5 to #13--eight spots!--after The Washout in Athens. The insanity is illustrated below.

Adam Jude, Brett McMurphy, Doug Lesmerises, Eric Avidon, Steve Batterson and Tom Griffin did not move Alabama up or down after the dominating performance against Georgia.

Voter Alabama
Ed Johnson 2
Ed Daigneault 5
Eric Hansen 5
Joey Knight 5
Matt Charboneau 5
Sam McKewon 5
Bob Asmussen 6
Duane Rankin 6
Gary Horowitz 6
Gary Smits 6
Kirk Bohls 6
Pete DiPrimio 6
Rob Long 6
Tom Murphy 6
Brian Howell 7
Jon Wilner 7
Laura Keeley 7
Mike Sorensen 7
Rustin Dodd 7
Ryan Finley 8
David Briggs 8
John Clay 8
Michael Lev 8
Scott Hamilton 8
Adam Zucker 9
Dave Reardon 9
Doug Doughty 9
Jay Binkley 9
Jeff Seidel 9
Josh Kendall 9
Ken Medlin 9
Marc Weiszer 9
Nate Sandell 9
Robert Cessna 9
Robert Gagliardi 9
Scott Wolf 9
Tom D'Angelo 9
Chadd Cripe 10
Matt McCoy 10
Mike Sands 10
Brent Axe 11
Doug Lesmerises 11
Eric Avidon 11
Garland Gillen 11
Jim Dunaway 11
Ross Dellenger 11
Tim Griffin 11
Adam Jude 12
Joel Klatt 12
John Shinn 12
Sam Werner 12
Steve Batterson 12
Jimmy Burch 13
Mitch Vingle 13
Steve Layman 13
Brett McMurphy 14
Jim Polzin 14
Nathan Deen 14
Chris Murray 15
John Adams 15
Keith Sargeant 15

The USA Today Coaches Poll

I'm kinda tired of talking about the Coaches Poll. It's a dumb concept, the ballots aren't public and it means nothing.

The Massey Composite

Alabama is once again the highest-ranked SEC team in the Massey composite.

The Tempo-Free Gridiron Regression Based rankings have Auburn #4 in the country.

Team AP Coaches Average High Low
Alabama Crimson Tide 8 10 7.8 1 32
Texas A&M Aggies 9 11
7.9 1 21
Florida Gators 11 12 9.4 1 24
LSU Tigers 7 5
12.4 1 40
Ole Miss Rebels 14 13 17.7 5 31
Georgia Bulldogs 19 16 22.6 3 57
Mississippi State Bulldogs 33 33
33.5 14 60
Missouri Tigers 37 38 38.6 15 64
Kentucky Wildcats 36
44.6 18 78
Tennessee Volunteers
45.4 15 83
Arkansas Razorbacks
45.8 13 78
Auburn Tigers
47.1 4 77
South Carolina Gamecocks
65.6 42 86
Vanderbilt Commodores
74.4 41 95

Alabama in the Computer Rankings

Alabama is #1 in eight sources, but Vern has us #32.