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Alabama Football 2015: Previewing the Arkansas Offense

Those are some big hogs....

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

One cannot talk about Arkansas' offense without first mentioning that offensive line. It has been well advertised that the Hogs up front have not only the biggest line in college football, but also in the NFL. Right Tackle Dan Skipper is the tallest player in the SEC at 6'10",  and isn't even the heaviest on the Arkansas line. That honor goes to the 340-pound mountain of a left tackle, Denver Kirkland.

The Razorbacks will run the ball. In the same mold as Georgia last week, Arkansas plays "old man" football to even greater extent. That massive offensive line may not be the most mobile, but they will come straight at the defense and attempt to pound them into submission. The Hogs are 27th in the nation in total rush yards (with 21 more total yards than Alabama) this season, but also have 140 more passing yards than the Tide. This offensive attack from the Razorbacks is nothing to discount.

Running back Alex Collins has been a favorite of mine since he was a freshman, and I think is one of the most underrated players in the SEC. Collins is currently 8th in the nation in total rushing yards, with 656 on 5.8 yards per carry. Collins is compact, shifty, and powerful in a style reminiscent of former Alabama back, Mark Ingram. Though he lost his counterpart, senior Jonathan Williams, for the season to injury, freshman Rawleigh Williams has filled in admirably by putting up 226 yards and a touchdown on the season.

Senior quarterback Brandon Allen feels like he's been starting for the Razorbacks for forever, but has never really turned the corner as a passer. He has, however, definitely improved this season. He's thrown for 1360 yards on a 66% completion rate and a respectable 9.65 yards per attempt. He's also thrown 8 touchdowns to only three interceptions.

After losing senior Keon Hatcher in week two, Allen's top receiving target is junior Drew Morgan. The receiver leads the team with 23 catches, 413 yards, and 3 touchdowns on a very impressive 18 yards per reception. Tight end Hunter Henry is considered one of the top tight end prospects for the 2016 NFL draft, and is second on the team with 20 catches and 268 yards, while also being an extremely effective blocker. Sophomore Jared Cornelius is the only other player with more than 100 yards receiving on the team.

The Razorbacks are built in the mold of the stereotypical Wisconsin teams of years past. A massive offense line that seeks to manhandle the opposing team at the line of scrimmage, and run power plays until the other team just quits. Their passing game, while improved from 2014, is still inconsistent and mostly benefits from play action off of the run game. Collins is dangerous, but fortunately, this is the type of offense that Alabama is built to stop.