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Afternoon Quickie: Jumbo Package

We I had a SNAFU regarding whose responsibility today's Jumbo Package was. So, please enjoy this nooner.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Practice report: Update on Kenyan Drake, Tony Brown

Sophomore cornerback Tony Brown was practicing with the safeties once again. In a couple of past practices, Brown had appeared to be going through drills with the safeties, but it was clear Tuesday. He appeared to be taking reps at Money with the second group of defensive backs toward the end of the second media viewing period.

As Brown's health is improving, there is more room for him on the roster aside from just Special Teams terror. Given Alabama's depth at corner next season, and probable losses at safety, this may become a permanent move -- especially if he moves into the Star CB/S role that Minkah Fitzpatrick presently occupies.

Dak Prescott is 'key component' in Bulldog offense

"He's really an outstanding passer, he's always a threat to run, whether it's a quarterback run or whatever, scramble, extend plays. And they've just been really, really productive. I think he's a key component and everything's sort of built around what he does. He's done a fantastic job this year." Saban also noticed the work the 6-foot-2, 230-pound quarterback has put in to become a "more efficient, effective passer."

Saban has nothing but praises for Mississippi State's trigger man. Several Tide defenders also noted that Dak is doing a better job commanding the offense this season. Prescott is easily the SEC's least heralded star.

Mississippi State WR De'Runnya Wilson: Cyrus Jones is best SEC corner I've faced |

"I thought he was the best corner I ever played against in the SEC, like (Kenya Dennis) for Missouri," Wilson said Tuesday. "Cyrus Jones is a little corner but he's strong, fast, quick. I mean, I give credit to him because I had to work even harder preparing to go against him. It's going to be a great match."

De'Runnya - Cyrus Round Three: In 2013, Jones limited Wilson to one catch for 13 yards; last season, Jones mostly bottled up Wilson, until the final quarter when Wilson got loose -- eventually catching 8 balls for 91 yards. The 6'5" Wilson still hasn't scored on the 5'10" Jones.

Our Updated College Football Playoff Odds For Week 11 | FiveThirtyEight

Let’s fast-forward to Dec. 6, when the final decision on this year’s playoff participants will be announced. Our model simulated the rest of the season, and the results are in the table below. ...the Tigers’ playoff odds are at 67 percent, with a 17 percent chance of taking the national title. Both numbers top all other teams. Ohio State has the second-highest odds of making the playoffs; the model put them at 56 percent. Alabama, fresh off an impressive win over LSU, has playoff odds of 43 percent.

Under Nate Silver's model, the Gators have a 17% chance of winning the SEC, while he lists Alabama as only a 13% chance of winning the SEC crown. Sure, some of this has to do with the vomitous East that UF has already wrapped up, but at some point eyeballs have to come into it, and Alabama is simply a much better team than the Gators. May wanna' tweak that formula some more, Nate.

Stats show physicality of Alabama, LSU has minimal impact on next week - SEC Blog - ESPN

In other words, Mississippi State and Arkansas fans hoping for an emotional letdown by either Alabama or LSU might have their wishes granted. It has happened before -- most notably last season when the Tigers produced a flat effort in Fayetteville. But the numbers over the past five seasons don’t show huge differences between Alabama and LSU's performances after playing each other compared to their season-long production, nor do they indicate that opponents have greater difficulty playing to their norms a week after facing Nick Saban's Tide or Les Miles' Tigers.

Speaking of "data," this laughably bad "analysis" by ESPN uses records of Alabama / LSU and their opponents the week after the big game (from 2011-present only) to arrive at a conclusion that it doesn't matter too much in terms of wins or losses for the Tide or Tigers. Although, the story does say that opponents tend to score more the week after this game than LSU/Alabama have otherwise permitted. Well, no kidding -- great teams don't necessarily lose after playing each other, but the performance is certainly affected.

What they're saying nationally, in Ohio about Alabama jumping Ohio State in Playoff rankings |

Here is what is being said nationally and in Ohio about the Tide jumping the Buckeyes in the rankings and moving up to No. 2

Complete list of #SCORCHING #HOT #TAKES regarding the playoffs, with some sweet, sweet bonus Joey Galloway idiocy! Seriously, though, I assume you are like I am about this: Keep winning, and the Tide's placement will sort itself out. Though, in a perfect world with some chaos, I'd love to see Utah, Oklahoma and Ohio State round out the bracket. The Tide would only get two shots at potential revenge, but the third is just lagniappe for my petty-minded grudge-holding.

Alabama kicker commitment Eddy Pineiro and his family spend four days in Tuscaloosa, likely ending his recruitment - Alabama - Scout

The trip has all but sealed the deal for UA to hold onto its kicking commitment, who has no other trips on the docket aside from a December official visit back to Tuscaloosa. "It changed a lot," Pineiro said. "It really helped me feel more focused on where I really want to go. I'm 100 percent committed and I can't wait until December to sign. When I get up there I'm going to be breaking some records! Roll Tide Roll!"

I was worried about the UF trip, and Pineiro's relationship to Cristobal, but it seems like we finally have our man signed, sealed and delivered.

Kevin Sumlin's Texas A&M is underachieving, but really not by much -

Texas A&M's passing game has regressed from the Manziel days, and its rushing attack has been unable to pick up the slack. I question whether a team can be an SEC champion running the air raid, both because of the quality of pass rushers in the league and the lack of physicality in practice. The Aggies also miss having Mike Sherman pick their offensive lineman. He was not a good coach, but he was a master of identifying future offensive line studs. Is it an attitude thing? A culture thing? There are a lot of whispers about entitlement and locker room factions.

Interesting read from Bud and Godfrey. Yes, the Aggies' lack toughness in practice and in games, but they're also a very mentally weak team to boot. The fight in the Fightin' Ags left when Johnny Manziel did. Bud, ever the Jimmies and Joes proponent, does make a good point too about the line play growing weaker each successive year under Sumlin. Worth a read as we watch, what I think will eventually become, Auburn 2012 redux -- a reckless, play it loose coach losing control over his team paired with bad evaluation up front and no defense.