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Roll 'Bama Roll Audible with Alabama & NFL Legend John Hannah

We sat down with the best to ever play the game -- certainly at his position, and arguably across the entire offensive line -- the Alabama and Patriots legend, John Hannah.

The best to ever play
The best to ever play
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

We extend a very special thank you to John Hannah for his time, sitting down with us to talk offensive line play, winning the right way, the state of the modern game, and so much more. It was a true honor to steal fifteen minutes from him as he was at Russellville Middle School presenting the Caring Coach of the Year Award to Larry Gilmer. The award is part of John's work with the College Hall of Fame and is sponsored by Dove. A special thank you to Hannah's publicist, Will Ober, for making this happen.

Anyway, there are some brief moments where it gets really loud in the background -- it is a middle school pep rally, after all. The interview begins at :11 in. When I get more time, I'll hook up some fancy intros and whatnot for all of our audio, and get around to clipping these down (I was a professional musician -- I'm pretty sure I can handle that.) Until then, here's the living legend himself.

Roll Tide!