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Victory Formation/No Injuries/Ohio State Loses/Night Shift Open Thread

Roll Tide!

Cyrus Jones steals the show on Senior Day.
Cyrus Jones steals the show on Senior Day.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama slobberknocks the Buccaneers of Charleston Southern 56-6. Someday, they will tell their grandkids about the time they held Derrick Henry to 68 yards rushing.

In other parts of the country:

Michigan State 17 Ohio State 14 - Time for another mysterious illness.

UConn 20 Houston 17 - SHUT UP, Herbstreit!

Night Shift:

* Baylor at Oklahoma State 6:30/7:30, FOX FOX wordmark.svg – Points, points, and more points!
* TCU at Oklahoma 7pm/8pm ABCABC– Someone is gonna be real sad real soon.

Mississippi State at Arkansas 6pm/7pm, ESPN ESPN - Can the Bullies shake their Bama hangover?
Georgia Southern at Georgia 6pm/7pm, ESPNU ESPNU- Upset alert?
Tennessee at Missouri 6:15pm/7:15pm, ESPN2 - Vols need to be careful here.
Texas A&M at Vanderbilt 6:30pm/7:30pm, SECN - TAMU takes only their second trip out of state.
Charlotte at Kentucky 6:30pm/7:30pm, SECN Alt - The 49ers (2-8) are in their third season in existence.

Boston College at Notre Dame 6:30/7:30, NBC – Played at Fenway Park, Boston, MA.

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