Let's All Help Out Verne And Gary Saturday

I think I can speak for all of RBR-dom and say that one of, if not the biggest complaint leveled toward the esteemed CBS crew of Verne and Gary is name pronunciation. I have to admit - FWIW - I have been mispronouncing Mullany (surprise it's not Mul-Lane-EE) and a few others. Who knows - if we all collectively scream the right pronunciation at our TV's at the same time, Verne and Gary might just hear us. So with that in mind I would like to share the following from and for more on game day notes look at this link.

#87 Parker BARRINEAU Bear-in-oh

#48 MEKHI Brown MaH-k-eye

#4 DAYLON CHARLOT DAY-lon Charlotte

#43 Lawrence EREKOSIMA O-seem-uh

#83 Ty FLOURNOY-Smith Fluh-noy

#63 J.C. HASSENAUER Haas-en-our

#33 ANFERNEE Jennings An-fer-knee

#81 Derek KIEF Keef


#68 Isaac LUATUA Lew-uh-too-uh

#84 Hale HENTGES Hen-ches

#24 Geno MATIAS-Smith Mah-TEE-us

#16 Richard MULLANEY Mull-A-knee

#46 Michael NYSEWANDER Nye-swan-der

#94 DA’RON Payne Da-Ron

#72 Richie PETITBON Petty-bone

#71 Ross PIERSCHBACHER Piersch-baker

#90 JARRAN Reed Jer-in

#13 ARDARIUS Stewart R-Darius

#3 Bradley SYLVE Silve

#14 DEOINTE Thompson Dee-on-tay

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