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Jumbo Package: Black Friday Edition

Is there really anything to talk about besides the Iron Bowl?

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Black Friday, everyone. I trust that everyone enjoyed a fine meal yesterday and took the time to appreciate the good things in life. The Iron Bowl has been hashed out about as much as it could be, but we have a few links for those who aren't out fighting the moms over the last toy du jour left on the end-cap. We'll start with this:

Those are probably gone at this point, but you know it's bad when they can't sell out the Iron Bowl. That has to be at least somewhat dispiriting for the team. On to it:

Commentary: Alabama will handle Auburn in Iron Bowl

"You worry about everything in a week like this," Malzahn said. "In our state, both groups keep a close eye on each other. You worry about the confidentiality of everything. It's always high this week but that's the way it is every year. That's part of what makes this rivalry special, though. You've got to be thinking ahead. You've got to protect what you're doing." Wonder if he was that way about his Thanksgiving dinner.

If there was any doubt that Malzahn would reach deep within his derriere for the most obscure trick stored up there, this should put it to rest. Alabama is going to get the kitchen sink of high school gimmickry tomorrow. Considering the discipline shown over the course of the season by this Alabama defense, that will likely result in a bunch of negative plays that may well end the game early. Sounds like Gus is planting the seed to accuse Saban of cheating after the execution.

Alabama football: Memories of 2013 'Kick Six' still haunts Tide players |

"It was kind of a blur after the end of it. ... I just kind of walked off the field," Kelly said Monday. "That's all I want to talk about it. It wasn't a great feeling. A lot of guys on this team were there then. You definitely don't forget something like that."

Gus Malzahn's preseason jab all the motivation Alabama's defense needs - College Football Nation Blog- ESPN

In speaking with’s Chris Low, Malzahn said, "We should have put 60 on them," in reference to Auburn’s 55-44 loss in the 2014 Iron Bowl. "That was the most disappointing thing, when you have a chance to do something special and don't, and then we gave up all those fourth-quarter points," he said. "We let them off the hook, but we've got them at home this year."

Ah, Gus. Wonder if he regrets throwing that shade at this point? The players typically need no extra motivation in this game, but you can bet that the lingering memory of 2013 along with those comments will provide some.

Auburn football has chance to spoil Alabama's season - College Football -

Although the 14-point spread for Saturday’s game looms large, the Iron Bowl isn’t without crazier chapters in its history. Just two yeas ago, Auburn stunned Alabama on the Kick Six, which is already steeped in football lore. The home team has taken the last three games in the series, a trend that boosts the Tigers this year. Plus, the last time Alabama lost to an unranked opponent was in the 2007 Iron Bowl, when Auburn beat an also-unranked Tide squad 17–10. This week Malzahn described the possibility of upsetting Alabama as "very important to us and very important our state."

Those cretins would be happy with a 1-11 record every year as long as they beat Alabama.

A native New Yorker's experience of football with her Alabama family |

Weary, but excited, I think about saying something, making a connection, but then I look down to the comfort of my phone screen, embarrassed. Will my northern accent allow him to see through me? Is my hat just a façade? Do I have what it takes to be an Alabama fan? A few seconds later, the man wearing the roll tide shirt looks back and catches a glimpse of my hat. "Roll Tide!" he says with excitement. "Roll Tide!" I exclaim back. Despite my fear of rejection, I know the drill.

Great first-person piece detailing a Tide fan, hailing from the northeast, making the journey to watch the LSU game in Alabama.

Alabama Remains in Position to Roll in College Football Playoff - The Daily Fix - WSJ

Just like last week, the model still sees a final between Alabama and Clemson, with the Crimson Tide as the heavy favorites. Now the question is: What could unsettle this? The answer is a couple things. The most obvious is if Alabama or Clemson surprisingly lose before the playoff. Assuming Auburn doesn’t shock this weekend, Alabama will face No. 12 Florida for the SEC title. For the ACC trophy, Clemson will go up against No. 14 North Carolina and one of the few offenses in the country more explosive than their own.

The simulator says that Alabama would beat Clemson by double digits. Let's get there and find out.

Students use Iron Bowl to raise money for classmate - TimesDaily: Local News

This year students brought in pocket change to raise money for one of their own — kindergartner Cheyann Nix, who was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, or ALL, on Oct. 7. Ergle said students steadily brought in change for a little more than a week and raised $850 for Cheyann and her family to help with medical and travel expenses going back and forth to Birmingham every Monday for chemotherapy treatments. "The students have been so excited every day, not just about the competition between Alabama and Auburn, but the fact they were helping out Cheyann and her family," Ergle said. "One of our sixth-graders was helping roll the change one day, and she said, ‘Mrs. Ergle, this isn’t really about Alabama and Auburn, is it? It’s about Cheyann.’ It’s good to know the students understand helping someone is more important than a competition."

Elementary school children who root for both sides come together to support the family of a classmate who is going through something a child never should. Ah, the things we can learn from little ones.

Why Alabama and Auburn football fans shouldn't have kids |

We're not saying the Iron Bowl is the right time to force your children into lifelong allegiance for the Auburn Tigers or Alabama Crimson Tide -- but isn't that exactly what we're saying?

Speaking of little ones, we'll close with this amusing short video, the latest in a well-produced series. Link is above, but I'll go ahead and embed as well:

That's about it for today. Enjoy those leftovers and get ready for some football. Roll Tide.