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Get Outta Bed and Start Hatin' Some West Georgians! Morning Thread

anOSU-Mich ~ UGA-GT ~ Clempson-Sacarlina ~ Ville-UK

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There is nothing the Tree-Worshiping War Plainsmen Tiger Eagles of West Georgia would like more than to ruin the Crimson Tide's season. But we are not going to let that happen. Get on your lucky Bama shirt, your lucky Bama socks, your lucky Bama draws, and whatever else makes this magic mojo thing happen.

Before the Tide commences to beat the snot out of Awbern (2:30pm/3:30pm ET CBS), there is some good football channel-flipping to be had:

Ohio State at Michigan 11am/12pm, ABCABC-  Is there mutiny on the S.S. Urbz?
Georgia at Georgia Tech 11am/12pm, ESPN2 - The future of both these coaches may hinge on today's game.
at South Carolina 11am/12pm, ESPNESPN - The Palmetto Bowl is gonna be a slaughter.
Louisville at Kentucky 11am/12pm, SECN- UK needs a W to get to 6 wins. Petrino needs to lose, because... well, he's Petrino.