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Peyton Barber Rushes For 29 Yards, Says Dumb Stuff

This is where "think" versus "feel" comes in handy, Peyton.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Henry rushed for 271 yards. Peyton Barber amassed 29 of Auburn's 91 ground yards.

Auburn was outgained almost 200 yards on the day. Auburn had six plays over 10 yards, four of them were passes. Alabama held the ball for almost ten minutes longer. Alabama won the turnover battle. The Tide averaged nearly six yards a carry to Auburn's 2.5 ypc.

And Alabama did this on a watered-down field.

So, it comes with great curiosity to hear Peyton Barber tell us what he "feels" in the light of cold, hard facts.

There's dumb, then there's "Auburn dumb."