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Houndstooth Heroes: Hot Takes, Cold Drinks, Awful Picks

Another year, another LSU Top 10 matchup. The most unofficial podcast of Roll 'Bama Roll AKA "The Sports Taco" is back to break down the LSU game and the CFB playoff rankings. Also discussed: why you should or should not freak out immediately about the rankings. Spoiler: you should not. The media has freaked out enough for everyone. Cheers!

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Century? Maybe not, but your boys pull out all the stops to break down this week's matchup between the fourth-ranked Crimson Tide and the No. 2 Bayou Bengals. We hate some things (Fournette), we don't hate some things (Eddie Jackson), and we discuss the reasons Mark Richt may be ready to leave UGA (immigration laws).