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It's Special Edition Meltdown Time!

A special edition of our shameless revelry in the misery of others.

Alabama is in the Top 4 of the first College Football Playoff Rankings.
Alabama is in the Top 4 of the first College Football Playoff Rankings.

The first College Football Playoff rankings were released last night, and in case you missed it, the college football world imploded when Rece Davis announced that Alabama is the #4 team in America.

Perhaps no one was as upset as some of the college football media. Before we get to the SB Nation team sites, enjoy a selection of tweets from last night.

Heather Dinich - ESPN

If Alabama beats LSU, she doesn't know if she'd put Bama in the Top 4?

Dan Wolken - USA Today

Bama fell 10 spots after losing by 6 to Ole Miss.

Alabama has the most wins (4) against the Sagarin Top 30.

Danny Kanell - ESPN

Except that Alabama beat Wisconsin, Texas A&M beat Arizona State, South Carolina beat North Carolina, Auburn beat Louisville, Tennessee almost beat Oklahoma, Arkansas played Texas Tech and the LSU Tigers beat Syracuse, and the SEC West is by far the toughest division in football. But other than that, I guess Danny has a point?

Daniel Tosh - "Comedian"

And now we turn our attention to fans who took the news a little tough.

#5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame's best performance of 2015 was their 22-24 loss at now-#1 Clemson in a rain-soaked Death Valley Junior. Georgia Tech has lost 6 of their last 7, including a five-game losing streak after losing to the Irish, and they only beat Temple by 4.

Let's check in with One Foot Down?

I just like the fact that despite the apparent biases of the committee against ND, they still ranked us really high.

Non-bias is the sneakiest bias.

The SEC is the worst

god how I hate all of them and really really really hope they have a bowl season like last year.

my biggest annoyance with it is their conference solidarity schtick. Rivals are meant to be hated, not treated like family.

Of course anti-conference Notre Dame doesn't understand how conference strength affects five conferences plus Notre Dame fighting for four playoff spots.

#6 Baylor Bears

Baylor has demolished every team they've played, but their weak schedule to date is a liability. Let's go to Our Daily Bears for more.

I hate the first criterion with a burning passion.

What does "schedule strength" even mean?

They could make a whole line of Baylor t-shirts and bumper stickers with that tagline.

Watch #4 be Bama.

User cmigbear nailed it.

Ok. Said I wouldn't get mad. I'm a little mad.

If it had been 1 one-loss team ahead of us, I'd be fine. Two? No.

Alabama lost TO OLE MISS.

We have beaten every single team we have faced by a landslide. I don't get it.

Right? You've played the 102nd-toughest schedule in football with no top 30 opponents. DOES THAT COUNT FOR NOTHING?

Not a meltdown, but so clever I had to include it.

#8 TCU Horned Frogs

Aside from a 50-7 win over Texas and the individual performances of QB Trevone Boykin and WR Josh Doctson, TCU hasn't been as impressive as last year. They beat Minnesota by 6, allowed SMU to score 37 and beat unranked Texas Tech by 3 and unranked Kansas State by 7. So how did Frogs O' War take the news?

It's almost as if that was a year ago!

[A]t some point it gets a little exhausting how unrelentingly biased this ranking is. I seriously wonder if we go undefeated, and then don't play conference championship weekend, if they'll just drop us right out just like they did last year.

We're all fighting over 3 spots

Cause they won't watch Bamas games. They just have a spot in there called Bama... Here's to Ole Miss running the table and winning the conference.

I am so sick of the unbridled (and unwarranted) SEC adulation by the national media. There is NO WAY a one loss team should be ranked ahead of an undefeated team.

These are rankings, not standings.