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Alabama, Derrick Henry Now Odds On Favorites

What a difference a week makes.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Going into Alabama's death match with nemesis LSU, the Alabama Crimson Tide were listed at 5/1 on the books as second-place contenders for the National Title, with the Ohio State Buckeyes pegged as 5/2 favorites to win it all.

LSU's Leonard Fournette was the 3/2 favorite to take home the Heisman trophy, with Alabama's Derrick Henry all the way back at 14/1 odds.

One week later, the script has completely flipped. For the first time since April, the Ohio State Buckeyes have fallen into a tie with Alabama as Vegas favorites, both presently listed as 5/2 on the Bovada big board. Even more stunning was the reversal of Henry's fortunes, as he went from a 14/1 darkhorse to the 3/2 favorite with the Books.

While Vegas has no bearing on the outcome of the season or individual awards, the oddsmakers have a better pulse than most. Full lines here.