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Vegas Forecasts A Sweep For Alabama, Derrick Henry

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The latest Vegas odds are out, and they'll make you smile.

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As the season has worn on, Vegas has grown increasingly bullish on both the Tide and RB Derrick Henry.

Here are the latest odds from Bovada (blue indicates more favorable odds, red indicates less favorable odds from the prior week.)

Odds on 11/16/15         Current Odds (11/24/15)

Alabama                        3/2                            11/10

Oklahoma                       15/2                           5/2

Clemson                        3/1                            4/1

Michigan State                          12/1                           9/1

Iowa                                         20/1                           16/1

Ohio State                                16/1                              16/1

North Carolina                       50/1                           20/1

Stanford                       66/1                           33/1

Baylor                                       12/1                           Off the Board

Florida                                      14/1                           Off the Board

Notre Dame                              9/1                            Off the Board

Michigan                       20/1                           Off the Board

Oklahoma State                        33/1                           Off the Board

Notably, the Big Twelve is very much in the same position as the SEC: It's the one-loss conference champion or no one. The Sooners also moved up in a big way, jumping from roughly 3 1/2:1 odds to 2 1/2:1. Bovada did not move the line on the Buckeyes, which sit at 16:1, presumably under the very real possibility that chaos could reign on Championship Saturday. Clemson also tumbled, dropping from 4/1 to 3/1.

Individually, Vegas sees Henry as the prohibitive favorite, despite some movement from McCaffrey and Baker Mayfield. A good game from Derrick on Saturday should lock this one up.

Odds on 11/24/15         Current Odds (11/30/15)

Derrick Henry (RB Alabama)                               2/5                            1/3

Deshaun Watson (QB Clemson)                         3/1                            5/1

Ezekiel Elliott (RB Ohio State)                            14/1                           12/1

Christian McCaffrey (RB Stanford)                     50/1                           12/1

Baker Mayfield (QB OKL)                           14/1                           18/1

Dalvin Cook (RB FSU)                           50/1                           20/1

Leonard Fournette (RB LSU)                              14/1                           33/1

Corey Coleman (WR Baylor)                        66/1                           Off the Board

Keenan Reynolds (QB Navy)                          25/1                           Off the Board