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Derrick Henry Wins Heisman!

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It was a clean sweep for the Junior running back from Yulee, as he brings home the Tide's second Heisman trophy.

You've earned it, King Henry
You've earned it, King Henry
Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

There are simply not enough superlatives to encapsulate the season that Derrick Henry has had, or the type of leader and competitor he has been for this Alabama team.

Derrick Henry will tell you it's about the team goals -- and it is.

Derrick Henry is the first to praise his teammates -- and he should.

Derrick Henry is the first to focus on getting better, to focus on eliminating his errors -- that's what champions do.

But, Derrick, tonight it is about you and what you've earned -- and that's how it should be.

Roll Tide


Ed. Note: We'll have more analysis later. For now, let's celebrate.