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Alabama and the Heisman Trophy: Take Our Quiz!

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So, you think you know about the Heisman trophy, eh?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, Derrick Henry goes for a sweep of the major individual awards, where he, Christian McCaffrey and Deshaun Watson will vie for the Heisman trophy.

Rather than doing another stale write-up, let's have some fun with this quiz. Provide your answers below, and no cheating -- you're on your honor. Answer as many or as few as you want.

I'll post the answers at 4:00 Central Standard.

  • In the Saban era, Alabama has produced how many Heisman finalists? Not counting 2015, name the finalists and their order of finish.
  • Mark Ingram, Jr. was Alabama's only Heisman recipient to-date. Before Ingram, which Alabama player had the best finish, and in what year?
  • Alabama has produced fourteen Heisman semifinalists. Of these only one has won the award and only one has been a runner-up. Name the runner-up and the year.
  • Who was the first Alabama Heisman finalist?
  • Only one Alabama player has been a two-time finalist. Can you guess who that is?
  • Since 1990, only six running backs have won the Heisman. Name them.
  • What school/s has had the most runners-up in the Heisman trophy?
  • Who won the closest Heisman trophy balloting?
  • Who won the Heisman with the biggest margin of victory?
  • What school/s has produced the most finalists without winning a Heisman?
  • What player is the only person to have a vacated Heisman trophy?
  • What school has produced the most QB Heisman finalists?
  • What school has produced the most Heisman-winning running backs?
  • What's the highest a non-offensive player has ever finished in the Heisman, and name him.
  • What NFL team/s have drafted the most Heisman winners?
  • The Dallas Cowboys have only drafted three Heisman trophy winners, but they were legendary. Name them.
  • Four Heisman winners have been Super Bowl MVPs. Can you name them?
  • Nine Heisman winners have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. How many can you name?
  • Since 1950, the SEC (including expansion programs) has produced how many Heisman winners? How many can you name?