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Roll 'Bama Roll & Allstate: Win a pair of SEC Championship Tickets!

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We have a contest where you, YES, YOU!, can win a pair of tickets to the SEC Championship, brought to you by Allstate.

Allstate and Mayhem are sponsoring a live tweet-off where fans can vote using the hashtag #ShredAlabama or #ShredFlorida. However, you can get in on the action now, and are encouraged to do so!

To learn more (and bring the pain) in the Mayhem Tweet Off, visit Mayhem's twitter site ( in the hours leading up to the SEC Championship this Saturday and vote to #ShredAlabama or #ShredFlorida (the latter if you're a monster.)

Needless to say, you must have a Twitter account (or beg, borrow, appropriate someone else's) to participate. Hell, create one. Get our live #hot #takes on a daily basis.

"Why should I do this," you ask?

We will be monitoring the hashtags, and the two lucky people whom we deem to be the most clever by 8:00 a.m. EST on Friday will get a pair of tickets to the SEC Title game! So, bring the humor.

Again, special thanks to Allstate for sponsoring this wonderful opportunity for our readers.

Previous installments in the series were destructively clever, by the way, and this weekend it appears as though Mayhem will be engaging in some monster shredding (BTW: Corporate interests aside, Mayhem has an excellent twitter feed for those with a darker sense of humor, which includes you degenerates.)