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Disgruntled Auburn Fans Attempt Participatory Democracy...Hilarity Ensues.

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Good grief, what a mess.

The REC high five, amirite?!
The REC high five, amirite?!
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There is a petition going around which, in all fairness, can be aptly described as a catastrophic collision between delusion and word salad.

The petition in question involves the notoriously-bad Tom Ritter and his alleged treatment of the Auburn Tigers.

From the petition:

The number of missed holding calls in the '15 Iron Bowl, and several Iron Bowls he has officiated... blatant and unprofessional.  This guy and he crew should be demoted to the FCS level. Penn Wagers and his crew are 10xs more accurate, making calls.    There is also a rumor that Ritter has a child attending the University of Alabama, which violates the SEC rules on referee's officiating games with personal interest.

So,... Mr. Greg Sankey, it's time to end Mr. Ritter's career as an SEC Official, or at least keep him away from the Auburn Tigers.

The whole thing, and the comments, are just glorious to behold. I've never seen anything quite this crazy.