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College Football Morning Open Thread: Pre-game to the Real Game

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Temple-Hou ~ USM-WKU ~ Tejas-Baylor

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers mascot.
Western Kentucky Hilltoppers mascot.
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Tide Nation. What a wild and crazy ride this season has been. The second season starts later today but to whet your appetite, a few warm-up acts:


AAC: Temple vs. Houston 11am/12pm, ABCABC- University of Houston's Stadium, Houston, TX - Tom Herman signed a new five-year contract to stay at Houston through 2020. If he fulfills that contract, I will donate $100,000 to the U of H general scholarship fund. Regardless of whatever posturing this is, his Cougars team is likely eating it up and should come out fired up. Owls running back Jahad Thomas (1,188 yds, 17 TD) is one to watch. Also keep an eye on Temple LB Tyler Matakevich who will be playing on Sundays next year.

C-USA: Southern Miss vs. Western Kentucky 11am/12pm, ESPN2 – Bowling Green, KY - Amazingly, USM (9-3) has come back from the dead. After winning four games in the past three seasons, they are poised for 10 wins and a C-USA title. But they will have to outscore one of the nation's top passers in WKU's Brandon Doughty (4,184 yds, 42 TD).


Blowhard bullheaded Bob Bowlsby thinks that we don't realize that regular season games are not the same as Conference Championship Games. Since the B12 does not have a championship game, they schedule regular season games like we (and the CFPC) won't notice the difference. But here is the best part. The Longhorn Network Jinx rolls on:

Texas at Baylor 11am/12pm, ESPNESPN - In no way do I condone supporting the B12 and their stubborn resistance to move to twelve teams (THE NAME OF YOUR FREAKIN' CONFERENCE IS THE BIG TWELVE FOR PETE'S SAKE!). However, this will be some good ol' schadenfreude watching Texas fall to 4-8.