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Eric Striker Remains A Mouthy Jackal

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This guy has a serious case of Brain-Mouth Disconnect Disorder.

Shutting your mouth is always an option.
Shutting your mouth is always an option.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We all have candidates we're rooting for when it comes to individual awards.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with supporting your teammate or partisan interest...Unless you happen to be one of college football's most notorious jackasses and you approach such "support" the entirely wrong way.

Step right up, Oklahoma Sooners' linebacker Eric Striker:

Oklahoma’s Eric Striker Might Have Implied That Alabama’s Derrick Henry Looks Like “Predator” | College Spun

Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker is rooting for his quarterback, Baker Mayfield, to win the Heisman Trophy. Sunday, he dropped an interesting quote that might be a bit offensive regarding another candidate. According to two reporters – Eddie Radosevich of Rivals and Guerin Emig of Tulsa World – Striker joked that looks should be part of the decision. He said he doesn’t want anyone who looks like Predator winning the award.

C'mon, man. There are jokes to be made, but cracking on Derrick Henry's coiffure and dentition? Too far.

Then again, this is a guy who notoriously screamed and taunted at Tennessee fans following the Sooners' win in Neyland. But, when Bob Stoops, football's mouthiest jackass, is your role model what really can be said?

Oh, that's right. Butch Jones nailed this one: