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It's Meltdown Time: Championships, Heismans & Rose Bowls! Oh, My!

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Most fans were expecting their losses, but there was still much angst to be had on Saturday and Sunday.

Welcome to final installment of the Meltdown.

Most fans were pretty much expecting their fate, so there were few true meltdowns, although there was much hatin' to be had on teams who were going to better bowls/won the game/had a Heisman finalist. Overall fandom aligned along two tracks: There was the Iowa / Baylor moral victory national championship, with so much warm, fuzzy "I AM SO PROUD OF THIS TEAM" sentiments that it would make a 'Barner puke. Then, there was the darker form of gallows humor that Florida employed (the entire game thread is delightfully, darkly hilarious, BTW.) And, then you have the poor North Carolina fans who just don't know what to do or say when it comes to football.

Did I mention salty from the fans of teams who didn't even play? Whooooo, buddy. Ohio State fans continue to live in a Rod Bramblett/Stan White world of delusion. Meanwhile, Dirt Burglars are hoping and praying like hell that Michigan State gets the win. I've never seen so many recent converts to the Temple of Sparty. One thing that nearly everyone had in common, however, was the belief in an ESPN conspiracy. Apparently, the World Wide Leader hates every conference, every team, and even pulls the playoff and Heisman strings.

It feels odd to not type "As always, the language in this post is horrible. If you are easily offended I highly recommend that you read no further. You have been warned." Because. frankly, the language isn't that horrible.

There aren't really racist, sexist screeds. No casual references to AIDS. There are no allusions to testicle violence. There is no questionable or illegal sexual acts involving mothers and livestock.

That's because Texas won.

Iowa Hawkeyes

We're only getting "respect" now because we're no longer a threat to make the playoffs.They’re basically just patronizing us: "Hey, great season, you throw pretty good for a girl" They’re all a bunch of 2-faced jag-offs as far as I’m concerned.

Quality Loss. The powerhouse teams have them, now we do. Go Iowa Awesome

If you follow Cowherd (which I don't) He’s been down on the SEC all year saying that they can’t hold a candle to the top of the B1G (which to him included Ohio State, Michigan State, and Michigan). I’m assuming he WAS being sarcastic and for once including Iowa as a good team.

They had no answer for MSU and looked like a high school JV team playing an NFL team. It really didn’t have any impact that they lost their star RB for the game in the first quarter. They had absolutely no chance of winning this game.

Signed – ESecPN

You’re out and talking to this girl. she’s beautiful and cool. She’s awesome. You think "wow this is happening ". Then right about the time u are getting the guts to ask her to leave, she drops the "boyfriend". Its nothing but a dick punch.

It’s usually just a game, but this year it feels, seems more than just a game. It feels as if a part of me is gone. I have never felt like this. I’m in an unusual, weird place. I have never felt this way after a loss. I can only imagine how the team feels. My heart goes out to them. If there’s any justice left in this world, the committee will vote Iowa into the top four. Am I being over dramatic? Without a doubt. I just can’t shake this feeling. I keep telling myself it’s only a game, yet it feels more than just a game.

If there are no moral victories, then there is no morality. If there is no morality, then I’m gonna steal your shit.

I’m wondering if it is worth it to embrace the dark side. Is it worth it to hire a Sith Lord to be our coach? To recruit some murderers and death-dealers who embrace the tat life and laugh at the notions of academics and human decency? To head-hunt with abandon, and bitch and moan if a referee dares to call it on us? To go full Lattimer and earn our PLACE AT THE TABLE!!!! /smash

Baylor Bears

If you want to claim any legitimacy at all, fire this officiating crew immediately. Street/playground rules is NOT a real thing.

why do i feel like this is the biggest bullshit season in Baylor history?!? is it recency bias?

The bigger question here Is how we’re making Texas look anything other than godawful on offense.

This game is going off. This is a nightmare. I’m in a nightmare.

It seems that our QBs have a 100% breakage rate

My avid Baylor fan son just asked "is this what it was like in the Baylor dark ages?"

Oh where, Oh where has my Seth Russell gone? Oh wheeeeeere, oh where can he beeeeee?

The decision not to spend points on a room in New Orleans Is looking way more prescient than I’d like.

A false start is a stupid penalty. You should never commit a stupid penalty.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Bama is a one trick pony with a worse loss. AND they played an FCS school. Why do they get a pass? They had several close calls this year. MSU needed a monsoon, Zeke with 103 degree fever and our worst game of the season to win on a last second field goal. Had they missed and we won in OT we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If scUm doesnt F up a routine punt we’re not having this conversation. Our average margin of victory is over three TD’s dude. Buckeyes are just as deserving as OK or Bama. Both you and I know this team would destroy Iowa.

Henry has good numbers, but 'Bama just hands it to him and he's too big to bring down right away. He doesn't have a lot of highlight plays or "moments" like McCaffrey or Watson, or even Elliott. In the past, if they weren't taking Texas Tech or Hawaii qb's too seriously for their 80 pass attempts a game, they shouldn't take Henry seriously when he runs it 40 times a game. Would love to see Henry lose twice this postseason.

Like our final ranking and bowl game matchup...this is complete shit!!! The best team with the best player will not be participating in the events that recognize that.  3 damn points with time running out.

same thoughts exactly. It wrenches my gut to know that some sub par team is going to hold our trophy and some overweight back that will be Trent Richardson Jr in 3 years will have Zeke's trophy.

Just watch that hack in Bama who has one move (falling forward) win the award

Alabama should not be in the Playoff Four - simply put the SEC stinks this year. I would argue that either Ohio State, Stanford, yes Iowa or Notre Dame should all be considered over Alabama.

Florida Gators

1 drink:

oline collapses under 3- or 4-man pressure
verne accidentally calls kelvin "fred"
antonio callaway is wide open deep, ball is underthrown
lane kiffin sideline shot
Jim McElwain working for Nick Saban is mentioned
The 2009 SEC Championship Game is mentioned
The footage of Tebow crying after said game is shown

2 drinks:

gator defense makes a valiant stand, offense does something derpy immediately after

Remember guys, win or lose, no one saw us here. 1st 3 and out of many!

I bought a mini breath test thingy this week Gonna try that out tonight!

Good ole Brad Paisley. Last time this year.



I will celebrate for anything good! And I’m excited we are in great position to miss another easy field goal.

ah, crap, Lane is remembering to RTDB.

I say we bring out the Dentist and let him play QB.

Treon....What the hell, how do you not know you can't throw it again

That was the worst thing I have ever seen lol

Can we scholarship the Dr Pepper winner and put them in at QB for the 2nd half?

haven't watched Bama this year but I have to assume Kiffin has some side action on this game with some obscure English betting house trying to hit the over on an absurd wager on the number of reverses he an call in a single game.

I love how Verne puts those air quotes around the Gator "offense"

Poor Treon It’s like watching Inuits club baby seals.

I'd rather watch a team of trained monkeys play Bama... matter of fact, i’d like I see that regardless lol

North Carolina Tarheels

We're Clemsoning. Somebody has to.

Clemson is a bastion of educational and intellectual prowess. But thanks for taking time off from your degree in basket weaving and washboard playing to visit us.

ACC Refs, Again.

It's hard not to think it’s a huge conspiracy to keep an ACC team in the playoff. You have to think that the ACC brass realized that it would be difficult for the committee to put UNC into the playoff. I know it’s a bit irrational but my mind goes to conspiracy rather than just some official error. What better than to rig the game on a non reviewable call!

Oklahoma Sooners

There are 5 or 6 players more deserving than Henry, but Henry will win it. Media hasn't shut up about him since the Bama LSU game.

how does a college football player get popular? By politics most likely.

How else could an FSU criminal with 20 RAPE Complaints filed again him be awarded CFB’s Highest Honor? This could only happen thru politics and not thru popularity.

Henry is a monster. A doak winner, but Heisman? He’s just huge and fast. He’s not a great receiver or blocker, doesn’t have great vision or agility like Fournette. He’s a freak of an athlete, but best overall player? No.

I doubt Bama’s credentials.

Connor is not the best but he is better than any qb bama has faced

Alabama is weaker than when we played them two years ago.

Honestly hoping MSU beats Bama, Derrick Henry is a nightmare. 6’3..240..4.4 speed. Stupid. I called it in the Sugar Bowl ’13, that kid was the best player on the team THEN, thank god he only got 9 carries in that game.