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Jumbo Package: Tuesday, 11 February 2015

Today's dose of reasoned opinions on NLIs, peak Grantsketball, and players (and coaches) behaving badly.

Dammit, I hate the offseason.
Dammit, I hate the offseason.
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Peak Grantsketball Achieved

Yes, there was a basketball game, and yes, Alabama won. Roger has your recap. This would have been my recap.

Because, frankly, the boxscore is about as hideous as you'd imagine...

Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Mississippi St Bulldogs - Box Score - February 10, 2015 - ESPN

NCAA Men's Basketball Box Score: Final statistics from the Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Mississippi St Bulldogs game played on February 10, 2015

More Signing Day (and NLI) Fallout

SEC national signing day roundtable: Coach under pressure - ESPN

The first-year coach (McElwain) deserves a pass for this class, but he can’t keep letting the top players out of the state. Losing battles to Florida State is one thing. Losing battles to Will Muschamp and Auburn is another.

Take Mountain erupts as ESPN's esteemed panelists posit 2nd year Vandy coach, Derek Mason, as well as Mark Richt and Les Miles, could be on the mythical 'hot seat" based on this year's NSD results. The above opinion by Greg Ostendorf, however, is weaponized idiocy. McElwain got a late start in one of the most ferocious recruiting battlegrounds in the country, and saved a class that was near the 50s -- bringing it up to the 20s. As for "losing battles" to Muschamp, as many of these kids will tell you, recruiting is about the relationships you build, not necessarily the jersey on your back. And Boom had a three-year head start for these guys. In fact, re-read JTad's Jumbo Package SI link from yesterday RE: NLIs and refusal to sign them. It largely is about relationships.

Fellow 2015 recruits react to Roquan Smith’s strategy | College recruiting blog

"Because for kids who have been recruited for months maybe even years, I believe they will have taken visits and be able to make a well thought-out decision. I believe the problem (NLI holdouts) begins with recruits allowing themselves to be tricked."

It's unfortunate for keyboard advocates like Staples, who seize upon an anomalous event and then advance it as the next big thing for sticking it to the Man, that there are actual players who actually deal with the recruiting process, who are actually intelligent, and have a better, measured reaction to NLI tactics. The above, from 2015 Wisconsin recruit Arrington Farmer, cuts right to the chase: dummies make dumb decisions, and it's often not teenage ambivalence complicating the matter either; it can be overbearing parents, street agents, and handlers.

Auburn cornerback Kalvaraz Bessent leaves program |

The departure leaves Auburn with seven cornerbacks and 10 safeties on scholarships, making it more likely that one or more of the safeties with corner experience -- a player like Joshua Holsey, Nick Ruffin or Stephen Roberts -- moves back to the edge in Will Muschamp's defense.

Auburn, sitting at 86 scholarship athletes as of yesterday, announced that Bessent is leaving the program. @I can't imagine that the two things are are possibly related.@ Anyway, the long-time Alabama-lean and one-time Tide commit (before a last-minute switcheroo to the Barn,) stated he wants to "be closer to home (Georgia.)" Still, given his legal issues (of which he was exonerated), it is hard to think Richt will let him play for the in-state 'Dawgs. And, in any event, Auburn is practically in Georgia as it is. He very well could end up in Crimson after a year at Juco.

Why incoming Alabama safety Ronnie Harrison is confident he'll get 'good opportunity' in 2015 |

"I think I have a good opportunity to start playing next year," Harrison said. "I just have to learn the playbook and come in and work hard every day."

Like his fellow early-enrollee, QB Blake Barnett, Fr. Ronnie Harrison has all the faith in the world he can step in and play immediately. Given the depth chart at safety, and his athleticism, he may very well be correct. At the least, dime situations and special teams will probably see his number called.

Players (and Coaches) Behaving Badly

Tyren Jones suspended for undisclosed reasons |

He was also suspended prior to the LSU game last October for undisclosed reasons.Jones rushed for 224 yards and two touchdowns on 36 carries in 2014 and was expected to compete for increased playing time in 2015.

I think we all saw the potential and flashes of speed and power that made us excited about Tyren, as he figured to battle with Kenyan Drake for the feature back role. Let's hope, like Drake, he can also correct his behavioral issues, buy in, and make this opportunity count.

Oklahoma State seeks Charlie Strong deposition - College Football -

Oklahoma State and Texas co-offensive coordinator Joe Wickline sued each other in October, with Oklahoma State saying Wickline breached his contract because he lied about his new position at Texas. Oklahoma State is seeking $593,487 in damages because it claims that Wickline made a lateral move to Texas.

Apparently, Texas Co-OC Wickline lied to Okie lite about his role in the Texas offense. Lawsuits for everyone!

Texas Tech AD Kirby Hocutt named to College Football Playoff committee - College Football -

I sincerely appreciate the confidence that commissioner (Bob) Bowlsly and the CFP management committee have placed in me with this appointment."

All that whining from Baylor's Art Briles paid off. Special Snowflake Texas schools now have a Special Snowflake Texas AD replacing the highly-respected Oliver Luck. No one who hires Kliff Kingsbury for a HC job, and then signs that ridiculous extension, has any business telling anyone about college football.

A look at complex Vanderbilt rape case that left a community reeling |

While Vanderbilt football fans and the Nashville community would happily return to worrying about woeful seasons and the yearly specter of the Tennessee-Vanderbilt showdown, the case is far from over. Even the verdict is not really a resolution -- not yet, anyway.

An exceptional, and exceptionally disturbing, long form on the complicated Vanderbilt rape case, the allegedly licentious and permissive sexual atmosphere at Vandy, the legal elements, the community impact, and several lives impacted for the worse forever. What an awful story written beautifully.