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Jumbo Package: Friday, 13 February 2015

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and whatever else tickles our fancy.

An incredible player fighting some incredible demons
An incredible player fighting some incredible demons
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Free stuff!

Later today, we will have another Roll 'Bama Roll ticket giveaway for tonight's Power of Pink gymnastic event. Here's how the contest works: We will post a question, you tweet/email/facebook the correct answer. A winner will then be selected from those who responded correctly. We will congratulate you, you will thank us, you will pick up a pair of tickets at the will-call window of Coleman Coliseum, and we will all Gump together against hated nemesis Boise State at 7:00 pm. central time. Sound good? BTW: If you're out tonight, drop by Bo Hicks' fine establishment, Druid City Brewing, after the meet and say hello, as I will be tailgating at the taproom as fiercely as a 40-year old man is willing to do on Friday the 13th.

Silly season is upon us

Change in illegal man downfield rule could boost defenses | College Football

The play still annoys many Alabama fans who are convinced it was illegal. No, not the Kick-Six that Auburn used to beat the Crimson Tide on the last play of the 2013 Iron Bowl. It was the touchdown the Tigers scored before it that gets 'Bama fans burning.

Josh covered this in yesterday's JP; however, Russo focuses on how the proposed rule change will fare closer to home.

College Football Playoff has 'no intention' of expanding beyond 4 teams ;) -

The College Football Playoff has no plans of expanding any time soon, executive director Bill Hancock told The four-team tournament has 11 years remaining on its TV contract, and it looks likely it will stay at four teams for the duration of that time.

I don't believe one word out of Bill Hancock's mouth. Contracts can be rescinded. Television deals can be renegotiated... especially when you consider what a commercial success the inaugural event was in a year with no real dominant team. Imagine those years with 2-3 undefeateds or 2-3 quality runners up (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014.) Eight teams is, and always was, the end-game here.

Is Oklahoma's air raid renaissance enough of an overhaul? -

How well the Sooners marry the smashmouth approach to the spread will likely dictate whether the reintegration of the air raid has the desired effect.

Oklahoma has a true TE, several H-backs, a fullback, and an offensive line built to mash. Not sure how the Air Raid integration is going to fare in a year where the Sooners' defense looks to somewhat rebuild. But, this read is most interesting for the X and O types who want to gain a better understanding of some Air Raid concepts (in more lay-friendly language than the technical expertise of, say, Mike Brown at Smart Football.)

Only interested in the best college football recruits? The 10 to know for 2016 -

The top player in Alabama, [Lyndell] Wilson appears to be a major battle for the two big programs in the state. Listed at 6'2 and 220 pounds, Wilson visited both Alabama and Auburn this season, with three visits to the Tide against one for the Tigers.

The consensus is that this kid is the top recruiting priority for Alabama. The best LB on the board, and the best player in Alabama, Wilson's recruitment is going to prove eventful, I would imagine.

Draft #Hot #Takes are starting to fly

Mike Mayock's position rankings are out - Silver And Black Pride

This time of year the mock drafts and big boards are everywhere. But one of the more anticipated draft ranking guides is Mike Mayock's positions rankings. His first version came out on Wednesday,...

Interestingly, Mayock has Amari Cooper behind Kevin White on his WR rankings. That's fine; they're very different players. Silver & Black fans, still intoxicated by White's speed, dump on Cooper and show why one of the most hapless NFL franchises deserves some of the Shield's dumbest fans.

2016 NFL Mock Draft - Behind the Steel Curtain

Robinson could be the best defensive player, and certainly the best defensive linemen, that Alabama has produced since Marcell Dareus.

Never too early to speculate, eh? The Steelers love A'Shawn Robinson. They also are high on RB Derrick Henry as a bruising situational back, as well as TE OJ Howard, whom they feel is "criminally underused."

Sad and bad stuff

Attorneys: Williams, Johnson indicted in UT rape case - News Sentinel Story

Former University of Tennessee football linebacker A.J. Johnson and current cornerback Michael Williams have been indicted by a Knox County grand jury on two counts each of aggravated rape.

Ugh. Seems like we read about one of these a week lately.

Tearful Keith McCants calls NFL 'biggest lawbreakers in the world' |

" many times I stuck a gun in my mouth? How many times I tried to OD? How many times I done hung myself? How many times I lose the will to live? Do anybody care?"

McCants opens up about the painkiller addiction that was created by, and helped see him through, a brutalizing athletic career...and one that almost took his life. We've seen this increasingly over the years: Ryan Leaf, Erik Ainge, Aaron Douglas, Brett Favre all fought their addictions, with varying degrees of success. Such a gut-wrenching read.


Vanderbilt and Tennessee Tested Basketball Strategy - Team Speed Kills

The question is whether a team that is up by three points late in a game should foul the opposing team or not.

The age old question is answered: Vanderbilt, sunk by a confluence of bad luck, learned why probabilities suggest you are to foul a player and put them on the line rather than give a clean look at the basket.

Auburn provides first look at new Toomer's Oaks |

"Fans are not allowed to roll the two oak trees until fall 2016"

Going to leave this right here. Please note that the scholars at the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama will have to wait a whole year before rolling the new trees. No word on whether the hugging of said trees will result in harm. (Both practices, ICYDK, were largely responsible for the original oaks being half-dead when Updyke's sorry ass decided to finish them off.)