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Jumbo Package: Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Your daily dose of "you really should call your mother."

Make money, Blake.
Make money, Blake.
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Auburn Basketball: Tigers Can't Finish, Fall to Alabama

Alabama shot a red-hot 52.9% from the floor and 42.9% from the three-point line Tuesday night. The Crimson Tide dominated the glass as well – especially on the defensive end, out rebounding Auburn 40 to 26 overall and 31 to 20 on the defensive side.

Obviously, there was some good news last night. Alabama pasted Auburn in the second half and have done a much better job opening up the floor and knocking down shots. The Tide also dominated inside, despite some very sloppy early play. The next five are very winnable games, and would put Grant's Tide at 21-10 entering the SEC tournament. How badly does that Vanderbilt loss hurt now, with the Tide looking to play itself into some hope of the Bubble?

'Crootin' and Combine

Punt, Pass & Pork: Social media's impact on recruiting - College Football -

So how do Dudek, [former Alabama guru Paul] Suddes and the coaching staffs they work for get players to think about relocating to the desert? By providing a constant stream of graphics, videos and old-fashioned/newfangled conversation that might pique a player’s interest.

Very neat read by Staples on the impact of social media, and how to market programs in a digital age. You may have seen how Auburn football used a lot of Muschamp-themed Valentine's Day card tweets this past week. That is an idea taken straight from Arizona State's Dudek.

Quarterback recruiting: Georgia commit Jacob Eason leads list of 2016 best | NCAA Football | Sporting News

Jarrett Guarantano has a live arm and superior athleticism. He's got outstanding speed in the read option game and offers a ton of upside as a dual-threat QB in the right system.

Man, who thought Alabama would be hot and heavy for the No. 1 dual-threat QB (and No. 3 overall QB) in the 2016 class? To say that Nick Saban has opened up his mind to the evolving game would be an understatement.

Why has recruiting profiles for sixth graders now -

Rivals is establishing a relationship with these families early. Cultivating that relationship now could mean later on the kid is more likely to pick up the phone call of a Rivals reporter or attend a Rivals camp.

Give Bud, Tomahawk Nation purveyor and SBN recruitnik, some credit here: The reason people cover recruiting is because there is a market for it. Fans want to read about the next generation of players and any sort of media outlet convering football that ignores recruiting does so at their own expense (including, I add, this site.)

What makes a good recruiter? Cincinnati players explain

Rivals breaks down their awards by the top guys in each conference, and the top recruiter in the American Athletic Conference was awarded to Cincinnati defensive line coach Robert Prunty.

Cincy put together a video of recruits talking about AAC top recruiter "Coach P." It is an interesting insight into what players value when talking to their handlers at the schools. Among them seems to be: honesty, emphasis on education, and personal relationships: definitely worth eyeballing.

2015 NFL Draft Interview: Blake Sims would love to play for Eagles and wear Michael Vick's number - Bleeding Green Nation

Sims was able to beat teams with his arm and legs and, due to his size and playing style, naturally garnered comparisons to Russell Wilson -- one he himself embraces.

Not sure if Blake is the next Russell Wilson, but he is a natural leader, a gifted athlete, and decidedly in the mix as a quarterback. Not too shabby for a guy most wrote off with Coker signing. All he does is win.

Alabama notes

Odds stacked against Blake Barnett to start as a rookie at Alabama - SEC Blog - ESPN

Nick Saban, who said he wouldn’t rule out playing a true freshman at quarterback. "I wouldn’t rule that out at all," he said. "If he’s the best player, why would we not play him? That’s like saying a guy is from California, so we should not play him because he’s from California."

There is a lot of talent in front of Barnett, and my money is still on him as being the first freshman to start at quarterback under Coach Saban. That said, I would bet any limb, appendage, or vestigial organ of your choice that we see a veteran come kickoff -- even if the "veteran" is a bench player with no previous game experience.

The eclipse: How Nick Saban's rise coincided with basketball's fall in Alabama |

It's actually been nine years since Alabama won an NCAA Tournament game, since Ronald Steele and friends beat Marquette in the first round in 2006. That's the longest drought for the program since Alabama played its first NCAA Tournament game in 1975.

This article makes no sense. Of course basketball has regressed during Saban's tenure; however, the two are not related. If anything, his involvement in other programs and support for the same, has only helped. It should be noted that few people on campus want a more engaged, exciting program to watch too, as taking in a basketball is an almost-universal experience during recruiting visits.

3 reasons why Auburn athletics is spending more but making less than Alabama |

Alabama is significantly outperforming Auburn in revenue from its broadcast rights, royalties and licensing. Alabama generated $29.1 million from those areas compared to $11.6 million for Auburn.

Sure, Auburn is on the hook for nearly five million in buyouts, but licensing and royalties are where Alabama is making the serious cash - second only to Texas in licensed apparel.


This a balling, 16+ minute video highlighting your plays of the year in college football. Grab a Lean Cuisine of Sadness at lunch and tuck in.