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Jumbo Package: Monday, 2 February 2015

Your daily dose of "run the dang ball!"

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So much going on in this picture, and most of it is bad :(
So much going on in this picture, and most of it is bad :(
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama will have the No. 1 recruiting class again. Who'll be No. 2? -

The level of total talent is rather ridiculous. Alabama has 21 blue chips committed (six five-stars and 15 four-stars). No other team has more than 15.

NSD is shaping up to have little drama, save for the little matters of hemorrhaging DB commits and maybe swinging a surprise guy or two. CB969 and our crack 'crootin staff have you covered.

Alabama Crimson Tide at Kentucky Wildcats: Postmortem - A Sea Of Blue

The Tide were more efficient offensively than any team who has faced Kentucky in Rupp Arena all year save one — the Ole Miss overtime game. That’s pretty impressive when you’re missing your second-leading scorer.

A Sea of Blue recapped the expected loss (RBR's look back is here,) and found some bright spots for the Tide. I'm not going full-Roger, but Alabama did play better offensively than it may seem at first blush. Yesterday The Artist Formerly Known as JTad posed the question "Can Alabama still make the NCAA tourney?" Feel free to chime in if you want to bicker over the worthiness of post-season Alabama hoops.

Bill Clark says he won't coach next season, in part, to see if UAB football returns |

"There's a glimmer of hope for me and a lot of folks," he said. "I love Birmingham and I love the state of Alabama, but a lot of things would have to happen, and it would have to be done correctly."

Interesting for a few reasons 1. He's holding out hope for a return of Blazer football 2. Which seems infeasible, as a one-year hiatus serves to act only as a de facto, university-imposed, "death penalty," and 3. this year, while UAB is paying the buyout, counts as a year of service --coincidentally his 25th, after which his retirement will be fully vested. I suspect it's much more No. 3 than No. 1, and in 2016, Bill Clark will be leading a MAC or CUSA squad.

ACHA | Men's Division 3 ACHA Rankings

Frozen Tide Hockey Ranked 2nd in South Region.

The Frozen Tide blasted LSU's first-year program, 19-0 and 15-2. With the sweep, Alabama moves to a program-best 22 wins in the regular season. On Friday the Frozen Tide play Tennessee, a team the program has literally never lost to. That brings us to this classic, because it always feels good to beat Tennessee in anything.

MR. GOLF: Former Alabama golfer Justin Thomas on the rise |

"I feel like I definitely hit it well enough to win. I missed a pretty good amount of putts (in the final round).”

Thomas finished 17th after entering the weekend at 2nd. Good writeup (even if our Alec Lewis did it first.)

Vols top nation in football recruiting expenditures

Tennessee also leads the nation by a wide margin in a less flattering category: recruiting dollars spent per win.

A somewhat depressing article if you're a Vol which charts all the SEC teams' crootin' spending. Auburn is second in total expenditures and recruiting expenses per win. As usual, LSU and Florida are cheap because of the abundance of talent in their backyards.

Gymnastics Wins at Kentucky, 196.700-195.625 - ROLLTIDE.COM

"We were able to get a lot of new faces out there tonight..."

This was a rout -- even with some B-teamers, as Coach Duckworth let the bench get reps. Like most events vs. Kentucky, BBN is always good for a breather and stats on the participation chart.

Should Lane Kiffin stay at Alabama until Nick Saban retires? | Sporting News

He's itching to prove he's as good as the resume says he is. If he hangs around in Tuscaloosa long enough, maybe that door opens. That's why Alabama is more than Lane Kiffin enough for Lane Kiffin in the meantime.

Interesting take here: Why should Kiffin take a lateral job in the NFL, when he has one of the most high profile jobs in the game as it is: one which affords him access to another head coaching job?

Women's Tennis Capture Third-Straight Victory, Top TCU 6-1

The seventh-ranked Alabama women's tennis team continued its hot start to the 2015 regular season on Saturday, besting No. 20 TCU by a final score of 6-1.

Women's tennis finally hits the road this week, but the homestand has been favorable to the Tide.

Nick Saban would've been a Super Bowl coach, too, had he stayed in Miami |

If the Dolphins had figured out nine years ago that Drew Brees' shoulder was not really going to be a problem going forward...Nick Saban might still be in the NFL.

The Dolphins had far more problems than just QB, to be sure. And, yes, Scarbo makes some decent points about similar defensive guys persevering and dominating, but I don't see those 'Fins making it past those Pats.

Seahawks players openly criticize Pete Carroll's final play call -

Seahawks players were reportedly just as mad as fans that Marshawn Lynch didn't get one more chance to potentially win the Super Bowl.

Speaking of Super Bowls, Seattle reminds us all to RUN THE DANG BALL! If the ending sequence didn't convince you, then NFL players' are happy to remind you of how stupid it was. Worse, Seattle's offensive coordinator threw his rookie under the bus rather than admitting was just a dumb move. I would dare say the finish to last night's game was perhaps the worst call I've seen in a game since...well, this Nussmeier classic.