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Alabama Basketball Fans: What are your expectations? 2.0

Coleman Coliseum.
Coleman Coliseum.

One year ago today, Bammer posited this question to you: Alabama Basketball Fans: What are your expectations?

His posting elicited many comments and it is a question worth revisiting.

The question today is what would make Alabama basketball fans happy?

Alabama may be a football school, but with each loss it's becoming increasingly clear that a majority of 'Bama fans want Grant gone. Should that happen, what would you expect of the next coach? And are those expectations realistic?

Hypothetically speaking, in your opinion, what are some realistic expectations for #BamaHoops? Should 'Bama make the NCAA tournament every year? Be a perennial Sweet 16 team? Be one of the top four teams in the conference? What is it? What would make you happy?

In football, it's championship (SEC or National) or bust. What should it be for Bama Hoops?

For me, my answer is basically the same now as it was a year ago when I posted it in comments:

I don't buy into the concept of being just a "football school"

  • I expect Bama to make the Big Dance 4 out of every 5 years. You are allowed for a hiccup every now & then but I expect a bounce-back the next season.
  • When they do make the NCAA, I expect first round wins 3 of the 4 with at least one Sweet 16.
  • They should be top four in the SEC almost always.
  • Never lose to Auburn (not just because they are Auburn but because their program is a joke) or South Carolina (ditto).
  • Never get swept by anyone except maybe UK as long as they were competitive in the games.
  • Beat Florida every once in awhile (Grant is 0-8 vs. Fla).
  • Never lose a home game to an unranked team.
  • Never lose to a mid-major or lower unless they are a ranked Butler-type team (yes, I know Butler stinks this year but you know what I mean).
  • Go close to .500 away from Coleman.
  • Never have a losing record in the SEC.
  • Stop kicking guys off the team.
  • Develop players to improve every season.
  • Teach 7-footers how to dunk.
  • Go 9-deep on a consistent basis.
  • Hold onto a lead and learn how to stomp on an opponent’s neck when they are down.
  • Recruit players that fill needs.
  • Graduate your players.
  • Send a guy to the NBA every once in awhile. Even if it is only for a couple of seasons.
  • Hire an ugly grouch of a coach who can intimidate referees, can inspire players, and knows basketball inside and out.

Is that too much to ask for?

So, here we are one year later in basically the same boat. From my prescribed criteria above, it looks like Anthony Grant has achieved only one: beating Auburn.

I will spare you a poll since there are too many choices but what are your expectations for Alabama basketball today, February 20, 2015? Have they changed?