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Selection Sunday Open Thread: Where, When, What Channel?

...all that's left are the existential issues of "how" and "why" if you're an Alabama fan. Unfortunately Coach Battle has not seen fit to Grant us succor (Get it? GRANT US? GET IT?!)

"We could have been in this one, Coach. Really."
"We could have been in this one, Coach. Really."
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

This could be the dullest NCAA tournament in recent memory. The No. 1 Kentucky Wildcats are already your No. 1 seed, and while the Gonzaga Bulldogs, Kansas Jayhawks, Villanova Wildcats and Wisconsin Badgers look to stir up a fracas, the odds are longer than a giraffe's neck that "FIELD" hoists the banner in two weeks.

We will have the SBN Bracket available for you immediately after the Selection Show, and will also have NIT brackets for you as well.

Use this space to chime in and give us your NIT/NCAA #hot #takes

How to watch

When: 5 p.m. Central Daylight Time
Online: March Madness Live