Mid-Major coaches worth looking at

I would love a big name coach for Alabama basketball. I really would. I know we can throw a ton of money at anyone interested, but we also have to be cognizant that coaches do not tend to make lateral moves unless they are unhappy for some reason in their current position. That says nothing of coaches taking jobs that would be regarded as lesser than the ones they currently have.

Brad Stevens? I'll make a donation right now to get him, but I seriously doubt he is leaving a promising NBA career at this stage. Greg Marshall? Shaka Smart? Either of those guys would be great also, but would they rather remain at mid-major basketball schools albeit with less money but greater job security and an easier path to the tournament? I guess we will find out soon enough. I'm not even going to mention Ben Jacobson again, after this, as that appears to have no traction.

There are a few mid-major coaches though that have done a good job in their current positions and I see no reason any of them wouldn't leap at an opportunity to coach Bama.

Steve Masiello - Head Coach at Manhattan

Positives: 2 straight tournament appearances in his 4 year stint which means he won 2 straight conference tournaments in the MAAC, walk-on player at Kentucky for Pitino and Tubby...I think there's something to be said for a player that played for a great coach, asst under Pitino at Louisville as well

Negatives: Lied on his resume to get his current job. He said he graduated college when he actually left early. He has since completed a degree after being suspended.

Mike Young - Head Coach at Wofford

Positives: Has spent 13 years at Wofford which means he's not a fly-by-night coach that's never built a program, 4 tournament appearances in the last 6 years which means he also wins his conference regularly

Negatives: Didn't make the tournament his first 7 seasons.

I certainly hope we are shooting higher, but my point here is that I don't think we should be so worried about making a splash hire. We need a smart hire. If the next coach wins ballgames then the fans will show up in droves. What his name is or whether or not he was well-known before his time at Bama won't matter.

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