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Jumbo Package: Tuesday 31 March 2015

And now we wait...

Gimme a few...
Gimme a few...
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Today's Alabama news centers around two topics: Gregg Marshall and Jonathan Taylor. On Marshall, we simply sit and wait. On Taylor, I'm not sure the issue can be discussed any more. Nonetheless, after the press conference video I'll provide you with a few of the many links that weigh in on the issue. As you can imagine, most are outraged that Saban didn't come to the podium on bended knee, begging for mercy from his media overlords. Have to wonder if the outrage would be as widespread had Taylor signed with Indiana or Texas Tech instead of Alabama, but I digress. Off we go: - AD Bill Battle leaves Kansas without Marshall

Battle departed Wichita without commenting to media gathered at the airport, returning to Birmingham by private plane. Marshall remained in Wichita, apparently contemplating the offer, on Monday night. There is no timetable for a decision, which could come today or later in the week.

The silence has been deafening regarding Bill Battle's long meeting with Marshall yesterday. The simplest deduction would be that Battle made his pitch and offer then allowed Marshall to sleep on it. This is merely speculation, however, and now Bama nation sits and waits. Cross thine fingers.

Monday was a good day in Alabama's serious pursuit of Gregg Marshall |

Monday was a good day in the Alabama search. It was progress toward landing the biggest available fish in the sea, and it was a sign to the rest of the college basketball world that the school intends to do everything possible to lift its men's basketball program to the same championship level as other programs on campus.

Good points here. Whether Alabama lands Marshall or not, the University is sending a message that it wants to get serious about the program. That is exciting in and of itself.

Alabama practice report: QB now catching passes, working with WRs |

-- Reserve quarterback Cooper Bateman was catching passes as a receiver in drills. He still wore the black jersey that quarterbacks use for non-contact players but the rising sophomore caught passes at the end of the line for receivers on the right side. Among the top quarterbacks in the 2013 signing class, Bateman has yet to see action as a passer at Alabama. He was the holder on the kicking team last year. As a receiver, Bateman appeared comfortable and made a few nice catches when balls were thrown off target.

This is an interesting development. One has to wonder if Cornwell has clearly passed up Bateman to cause this move, and if it is anything permanent or just another spring experiment. Something to keep an eye on.

Former Alabama teammate 'shocked' by Jonathan Taylor arrest, says violence can't be condoned |

"I've never had a second thought about what he did or anything like that," he said. "He's the head coach. He's the boss, and he's been successful thus far. So a lot of guys, like I said before, get second chances. Some guys come from different backgrounds. I didn't come from some of the backgrounds that other guys came from, so I can't judge them. "But all I can say is that when you come here you're held to a higher standard. If you don't meet that standard -- sometimes you might get a second chance, maybe not -- but this isn't for everybody. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to play here, and you better represent it the right way."

Great quotes from a team leader. While there will be much hand-wringing among media types, I have a feeling that the players on the team had little issue with Taylor getting an opportunity to show that he had grown as a human being. Unfortunately, he hadn't.

Softball to Host Mississippi Valley State and Southern Miss in Midweek Action - ROLLTIDE.COM - University of Alabama Official Athletic Site


#5/5 Alabama vs. Mississippi Valley State Tuscaloosa, Ala. - Rhoads Stadium Tuesday, March 31 - 6 p.m. CT

#5/5 Alabama vs. Southern Miss Tuscaloosa, Ala. - Rhoads Stadium Wednesday, April 1 - 6 p.m. CT

THE TIDE ON THE AIR TV: Online Only - SEC Network + ( Play-by-play: Gary Harris, Color: Lauren Sewell RADIO: 95.3 FM (

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