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Jumbo Package: April's Fools Edition

It seems like a lot of Alabama's fools were out in March though.

We deserve something nice today.
We deserve something nice today.
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What Is Tennessee Getting in Rick Barnes? - Team Speed Kills

He didn't wear out his welcome. It's more that things went stale. After setting a high bar that included two Sweet 16 runs, two Elite Eight runs, and a Final Four run in a seven-year period, he hasn't made it past the first weekend of the tournament in the past seven seasons. Two seasons ago, he also logged one of his two losing overall records. Texas was still willing to keep him if he made changes. Ultimately, he's out of Austin in large part because he chose not to keep the job at the expense of his assistants.

The SEC has exploded with excellent coaches. Tennessee got a good one, despite later stagnation at Texas.

Alabama Crimson Tide interested in Minnesota Gophers' Richard Pitino for open coaching job

Alabama has expressed interest in Minnesota basketball coach Richard Pitino as a potential candidate for the Crimson Tide's open coaching position, according to a report in The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

While I don't believe this one at all, it's safe to say that hiring Richard Pitino would let all the air out of an optimistic Tide community...and he kind of sucks.

'Crootin' and Pros

Alabama Football Recruiting Offers of the Week | Bleacher Report

Alabama offered more than just basketball coaches this week, as spring practice ramped up into high gear.

I am pretty sure Alabama football is like Harvard Law: They just offer everyone and then sort it out after people accept.

Former NFL QB: "It's amazing agents keep sending their guys to George Whitfield."

Though he now makes his living doing something other than throwing a chunk of oblong pigskin, King still knows a thing or three about playing quarterback. And what King knows stands in direct conflict with what George Whitfield teaches. The differences of opinion (to put it ever-so-lightly) came to a head Tuesday during Jameis Winston’s pro day workout in Tallahassee.

LOL. Shaun King spittin' truth bombs about George Whitfield's goofy schtick. And he wasn't the only one. Winston's pro day apparently featured more props than the Marquise de Sade.

Amari Cooper set to visit team holding No. 6 pick in draft, report says |

Cooper and projected first round offensive lineman Andrus Peat will visit the New York Jets on Thursday, according to a report from Newsday.

Hey, Cooper could be going to a team with no quarterback. Still, it is better than the Raiders (Oakland, where careers go to die (tm).)

Naughty running backs

Alvin Kamara making noise at Tennessee - SEC Blog - ESPN

by the looks of it, he’s a name that Alabama and the other SEC schools should know well by next fall. Kamara has drawn rave reviews from his coaches and teammates alike this spring, especially when it comes to his speed.

Expect to see a headline like this out of Auburn or Mississippi State in a year or so, because as you all now know...

Tyren Jones dismissed from Alabama football team |

"Tyren Jones was indefinitely suspended from the football program early in the semester," Nick Saban said Tuesday. "He was given an opportunity academically and from a team rules standpoint, but he failed to do any of the things necessary to comply with the rules of the Alabama football program."

So much weed, so many bad decisions. He has feature back potential. Then again, so did Michael Dyer. Let's hope he grows up for his own sake.

Kenyan Drake's return a bright spot for Alabama Crimson Tide

"We came together as a team and realized that at the end of the day you have to be leaders on and off the field and accountable for your actions."

Speaking of growing up, Drake went from proto-Tyren Jones to a team leader. Coupled with his on-field development, this is leadership the team needs.

Some good things

Combined 10 Free Passes Lifts Baseball to 7-2 Win at UAB - ROLLTIDE.COM - University of Alabama Official Athletic Site

"It was nice to see the walks come from the other side tonight,"

Lol. Mitch, why do you hate our pitchers?

Joe Namath may be 71, but he still knows how to party |

The former Alabama star recently was in the party spotlight again when he dropped in on the birthday shindig for Anna Campani and Josephine Bencivenga.

Sure, he was seranading 100 year-old twins yesterday, but last night you know he was rocking Palm Springs. Joe can still party harder than you.


We're not pulling any pranks on you guys today. It's been a rough week. Instead, join me in taking the John Oliver April Fool's pledge (moderate language warning; nothing too bad.)