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Taylor Accuser Recants: What does it signify?

Not very much, is my guess.

Egomaniacal? Maybe. A dummy? Absolutely not.
Egomaniacal? Maybe. A dummy? Absolutely not.
Chris Graythen/Getty Images


Jonathan Taylor accuser recants story, charges to be reviewed |

The female accuser in the altercation that led to former Alabama defensive tackle Jonathan Taylor being arrested on domestic violence charges Saturday has recanted her accusations, according to a release from the Tuscaloosa Police Department.

She can change the story, and many witnesses and complainants do. However, there is physical damage to the premises and physical injuries. Her word may change; the injuries don't. And, to be honest, do you think Saban would reinstate Taylor? Chances are somewhere between slim and none.

I don't think the University administration gives the athletics side anywhere near a flyer on this one.