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All is well

Just like you I went to bed last night with visions of Alabama Basketball back in the top 25 and going at least into the second day of the tournament in the next few years. Sadly, I woke to find out our next coach was still in love with his current program. It's hard to turn down over 3 million AND you don't have to move. As I feared, fans on the site have already pushed the panic button. While I am tempted to mention the coaches listed as plan B I have learned not to name names lest one of those I disparage be introduced as our next head coach.

Today I would like to offer a counterpoint and a little perspective. First, what have we learned? Well I have learned that our AD Bill Battle is serious. He is serious about bringing Alabama basketball back to prominence in our conference and our nation. You don't offer over 3 million (perhaps 4) unless you are serious. I'm sad Marshall decided not to come to Alabama. At the same time, I don't think it's time to pack it in and go with a lower tier coach just yet. I think it's time to put on the raiders jersey and release the hounds in the form of a coaching search service.

Who would they talk to you ask? My answer is simple, almost everyone. The beauty of a service is they do the dirty work so you don't have to. My list would be as follows. Coaches of teams who got a 1-2-3 seed in the last 3 NCAA tourneys. I'm sure you will say those guys won't talk to us but let's be realistic. There are some coaches we have no shot with. Eliminate the blue blood schools of Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA. You can also rule out Izzo. Who is left? My personal pick is Jay Wright at Villanova. He makes 2.7 million a year and yes his team underperformed with a 1 seed this year. What would you give for Alabama to get a 1 seed? You don't like Jay, fine how about Lon Kruger? He has put how many teams in the tournament? Final four coach, yep at Florida. Kruger makes 2.7 million.

I'm sure our pessimist fans will say we have no shot at those coaches. My response is "you don't know until you ask." Even ruling out those coaches there are so many other options. How about the Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg? He makes 2.2 million. Baylor coach Scott Drew makes 2.5 million. My point is before we give up hope and do something rash, look around. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

My figures come from the following link.

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