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Jumbo Package: Monday, 27 April 2015

Your daily dose of...oh, man, are we deep in the offseason.

Welcome to the Capstone, Nick King
Welcome to the Capstone, Nick King
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

There is just about bupkis going on in the Alabama sports world. Someone needs to get arrested or something.

Alabama notes

Memphis SF Nick King to Transfer to Alabama - Roll 'Bama Roll

This is a big get for Coach Johnson. King is a long, athletic swingman and former four-star recruit who is coming off a productive season.

Don't buy the conventional wisdom that King is a 3/4 tweener. Having seen him play, he's destined to man the three. At 7.8 ppg, 4.2 rpg and a very high energy player, with proper coaching he can be a nightly double-double guy.

Baseball Dominates Ole Miss in Series Finale, 13-4 - ROLLTIDE.COM - University of Alabama Official Athletic Site

The Crimson Tide offense erupted for 13 runs on 17 hits to help Alabama baseball secure the 13-4 victory over Ole Miss on Sunday afternoon inside Swayze Field. With the win, Alabama avoids the sweep and improves to 23-20 on the season, 8-13 in conference play.

Not a great weekend in Oxford, but it ended on a decent note. With respect to SECs, Alabama presently sits in 10th place (.383 in the SEC,) with an absolute must-win series on tap versus Arkansas this weekend. Why a must-min? The Tide hosts Vandy the following final weekend, a team that Alabama is not particularly competitive with in a series that not even the most dyed-in-the-wool baseball fan thinks the Tide can win. First, though, Southern Miss on Tuesday. One game at a time, boys.

The Crimson White :: :: Runyon leads Alabama with 7 RBI in series win over Tennessee

In front of a capacity crowd of 3,940, sophomore Marisa “Home” Runyon hit two home runs, had an RBI groundout and a two-run double for a grand total of seven RBI in the 10-3 win over No. 12 Tennessee.

As frustrating as Friday was, Saturday and Sunday went a long way in negating that bitter taste. Marisa Runyon was an absolute beast.

Nick Saban, Alabama should add to record numbers in 2015 NFL Draft |

In addition to leading the Tide to three national championships over the last six years, Nick Saban is putting his players in the pros at a record pace.

Nice little slideshow that shows just how far, how fast Alabama has come in stocking Tuscaloosa with NFL talent. Remember the bad ole' days when absolutely no 'Bama player would get drafted? Or you pinned your hopes on that 5th round lineman? Let's never do that again, okay.

Chryst showcases his players in Wisconsin's spring game | College Football

Stave completed both passes he attempted — a 38-yard, double-clutch sideline heave to his favorite target Alex Erickson and a 17-yard back-shoulder strike to emerging threat Rob Wheelwright

Alabama's first opponent, Wisconsin, held its spring game this weekend. QB Stave wasn't particularly taxed and made the most of his few snaps. The Badgers' success, as always, will depend on its mammoth offensive line and nice stable of physical, big backs.

Let's have some bad news, shall we?

Alabama’s high school football coaching salaries soar past $120,000, search for how much your coach makes -

Hoover football coach Josh Niblett received a raise earlier this month from $114,471 to a state-best $125,000 per year, according to Hoover City Schools.

Very good article on the salary explosion in Alabama high school football, complete with a database to check your Home Town High's spending. The worst offenders are powerhouses where guys cash six digit checks every year without logging a single teaching hour. Good thing Alabama is so wealthy and has so much money to spend on public education, amirite?

Ray Rice gave 'real life lessons' to Rutgers players before spring game -

"You can do a lot of great things in your life. You can do charitable works at home or in the cities you're working in, but if you make the wrong decision, you're going to have to be accountable for that."

Great accountability: Didn't serve a day in jail and will go back to an NFL roster this year. Do you, Rutgers.

Vols Von Pearson named as suspect in alleged rape -

KPD investigators took statements from the victim, several witnesses, and alerted the Sexual Assault Center. This investigation is in the early stages and is ongoing. More information will be released when available. “Suspect was identified by victim as: Von Pearson, Knoxville, TN.”

For those keeping track at home, this is the SIXTH Butch Jones signee to be arrested for or suspected of rape or sexual assault. What in the absolute hell is going on in Knoxville?

Hey college coaches, stop recruiting with creepy female celebrity photoshops -

Bad photoshops featuring famous and beautiful women, like Tennessee using Beyonce or Wake Forest using Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez, are not new either.

Bruh. The newest offender, Pitt, may be the worst of all too.


The 25 best college football teams since 1980 that didn't win national titles -

Penn State in 1994, arguably the best runner-up of the past 34 years, went unbeaten in a good Big Ten and was rewarded with a Rose Bowl against 9-3 Oregon.

Interesting list and a good article. The comments will make your eyes bleed, though. For my money, at least No. One, 1994 Penn State, was on-point. That was an amazing assemblage of talent we wouldn't see again until the mid-aughts USC Trojans.

A&M chancellor on possibility of playing Texas: 'We've got new friends' | FOX Sports

"My sense is with the 12th Man - we've got new friends," Sharp told the Houston Chronicle, referencing the Aggies new conference members in the SEC.

LOL. Well-played, Aggies. Strong, Sumlin and most of both fanbases want this game back. Most casual viewers want their Thanksgiving Aggies-'Horns game back, too. It's good for the sport and it's great spectacle. Still, as long as both administrations are still butthurt, with emotions as jagged and illogical as a bad divorce, this isn't happening soon.

Finally, a little something for TUN

The anti-surveillance state: Clothes and gadgets block face recognition technology and make you digitally invisible

First and foremost, make sure you’re not allowing private corporations to create biometrics profiles about you. When using social networks like Facebook, be aware that they are using facial recognition to give you tag suggestions.

TUN has given us years of delusional, weed-fueled, humorous commentary. I felt it was necessary to pay back his contributions with this reminder: just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're really not out to get you.