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BREAKING: Cyrus Jones Arrested For - You Guessed It - Domestic Violence

Jones' arrest is the latest in a rash of domestic assault and domestic violence arrests in the Alabama football program.

Not a good look, young man.
Not a good look, young man.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Ed. Note: Headline updated because some of you would rather fight over semantics, after this was tossed up 20 minutes after the fact, than acknowledge there was some poor decision-making going on here.

Alabama cornerback Cyrus Jones arrested on domestic violence charges |

Alabama senior cornerback Cyrus Jones was arrested Wednesday morning and charged with third-degree domestic violence criminal mischief and third-degree domestic violence harassment.

That was the story as it broke. Then, half an hour latter, Aaron Suttles obtained the police report (below.)

It sounds like a screaming match (again) and property damage (again,) a story we have already heard at least twice this offseason. Unlike Jonathan Taylor, however, this one seems to be much closer to Ryan Anderson's ill-considered shouting match. Still, the threat of violence to a woman absolutely cannot be countenanced - not in "the real world" and certainly not at this program. Yet, we now have our third incident in the past five months.