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The Official Return of the RBR Friday Random Ten

Bringing a classic RBR favorite back to the big leagues

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It’s been over five years — aside from a one-off by some guy named Lyell in 2013 — since the Random Ten was a front page piece on Roll ‘Bama Roll, but after much wailing and gnashing of teeth[1] we’ve decided to bring it back to the fore. To Spock, NLS, CT4, weathermann, and everyone else who’s taken the time to FanPost a Random 10 over the years — thank you for keeping an RBR tradition alive!

1 | Not really.

As far as I am concerned, you can now expect to see this bright and early on the RBR front page every Friday morning, just like Todd and Nico used to do back in the day. This is a great way to expand your musical palate and interact with your fellow Tide faithful about something other than sports, and I hope the elevation to the front page entices more of you to participate on a weekly basis — it’s a lot of fun!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with how to Random Ten (or R10 — whichever you prefer), it’s simple: fire up your musical platform of choice on Friday morning, hit the shuffle, and note the first ten songs that play. Give the list a title, and let everyone know in the comments. If your eleventh song is particularly great, feel free to let us know about that one too! Oh, and no cheating to make your list more awesome and/or less embarrassing — violators will be labeled Barner and shunned for a period of no less than 30 minutes.

I’ll start us off:

As We Were, So Perfect, So Happy R10

  1. Hank Williams Jr. — If The South Woulda Won[2]
  1. Young Knives — Counters
  2. Rise Against — The Approaching Curve
  3. Tegan and Sara — I Know I Know I Know
  4. Tiesto — Breathe In You
  5. Arch Enemy — In This Shallow Grave
  6. Hoobastank — Give It Back
  7. Daft Punk — Instant Crush
  8. Death Cab For Cutie — Summer Skin
  9. 50 Cent — Back Down
  10. KMFDM — Bereit

2 | Just kidding!