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Jumbo Package: Baseball Doomsday Edition

The end is nigh...for Alabama's season. And, goodness, is the stupid out in football #hot #take land.

Just say no to Notre Dame leftovers.
Just say no to Notre Dame leftovers.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports


Vanderbilt's Carson Fulmer dominates Alabama in series-opening win |

The Tide got a run in the first, but didn't get a hit after that. Fulmer threw a complete-game two-hitter with 14 strikeouts as the Commodores took a 2-1 win over the Crimson Tide on Thursday at the Hoover Met.

Alabama nursed a 1-0 lead through five innings, before surrendering two runs in the sixth. It would be all the 'Dores needed, as Alabama did not get a hit in the final eight innings. Making matters somewhat worse, Tennessee won last night, as did Georgia.

SEC Baseball Tournament 2015: Where Alabama, Auburn stand with 2 games left |

Alabama needs one of three things to happen over the final two days to clinch a spot: one Crimson Tide win, one Tennessee loss or two Georgia losses.

Here are your updated standings, with Alabama clinging for its postseason life. In terms of probability, Tennessee dropping one to Mississippi State is more likely than UGA losing its next two at home to Arkansas or Alabama avoiding the sweep; either of the three send Alabama to Hoover for SEC play. However, there are larger prizes at stake.

SEC Baseball Weekend Schedule: How Every Conference Series Matters for the NCAA or SEC Tournaments - Team Speed Kills

That's why Vanderbilt at Alabama is probably a bigger series in terms of deciding how many SEC teams get into the national playoff. The Crimson Tide's fate from here on out will depend entirely on what happens in Hoover.

Alabama is presently in a logjam with Arkansas (among others) for a regional berth. The Tide need to acquit themselves well this weekend and in SEC play, hopefully netting a win over Vanderbilt to boost its very solid RPI (47th.)

Spring silliness called "football"

Alabama reportedly interested in ex-Notre Dame QB Everett Golson | FOX Sports

Golson's 2013 suspension for cheating on a test is the major hurdle in a possible transfer to an SEC school.

Even if Golson weren't a ridiculous cheater-pants (and he is,) and even if the SEC were to issue a disciplinary waiver (and it won't,) does anyone see Saban signing a guy with one year eligibility who left who gives the ball away like a ten-cent hooker on nickel night? Nope, not happening. I'll take "Who is your next Seminole starting quarterback for $200, Alex."

Texas A&M Aggies surpass Texas Longhorns in attendance for first time - SEC Blog - ESPN

Texas A&M, which surpassed rival Texas in average attendance for the first time in 2014, saw its attendance rise by 17,998 fans per game, the most of any FBS school. That was thanks to its expanded capacity of Kyle Field, which added more than 22,000 seats last season.

Add this to the news that the Longhorn Network made money for Mizzou and Texas A&M, and everything is coming up aces for the expansion newbs. That said, no way in hell you'd talk me into one of those new, completely vertical, 22,000 seats, thrown up over the course of one summer, in a stadium that already sways. Not a prayer. Death Trap seems a more fitting name than Hate Barn.

Bill Curry was 'stunned' he got Alabama job over Bobby Bowden |

"I heard Bobby Bowden was being interviewed and I thought why am I going over there? They aren't going to hire me,'" Curry told "I just assumed Bobby would get it."

Everyone was stunned, Bill. Bet Bobby could have beaten Auburn too. Don't get me wrong, Bill Curry was as nice as I've met, but if you were going to stray that far afield, you don't take Curry when Bowden was on the board. Much like in 1997, when Dubose was chosen over a slate that included Bowden (again,) Beamer and -well, pretty much anyone with experience. How Alabama has handled hirings of guys who have elevated the program terrifies me, as Saban's career draws to a close this decade. Competence cannot be assumed. How does Head Coach Scott Loeffler sound?

Nick Saban retire? Sounds crazy but he seems unhappy with the game he loves |

He's still too good at what he does and has too much to offer the sport from the inside. For all of his complaints, he still seems to get a lot of positive self-gratification out of working with his players.

It's not so much "malaise with the sport he loves," so much as "football has been hijacked by high school rascals, legitimized pay-for-play, and a playoff that few coaches actually wanted." Also, let's face it. He's kind of a curmudgeon and wants everyone to stay off his lawn.

Nick Saban says what he 'feared' about College Football Playoff came true |

...That by having a playoff we would minimize the interest in other bowl games, which I think is sort of what happened and I hate to see that for college football."

Could not disagree more, Coach, even though I despise the playoff and await only it's expansion to six or eight teams to tell you all "told you so."  The problem is two-fold, here. One, we have too many bowls, plain and simple. There are not 68 teams worthy of bowl game, much less are there 44 cities worthy of spending the holidays in. Trust me, Little Rock, Shreveport, Boise, Detroit all have lovely people but they're not exactly destination cities. Second, the playoff freed the shackles of the major bowls to set up intriguing matchups and provide mainly great games for the first time in seemingly forever. More of that, and less Air Conditioning Bowls in New Jersey, and we'll be fine.

Watts: UAB football's judgment day set for June 1 | College Football

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — UAB will announce its decision on whether to restart the football program on June 1. University President Ray Watts disclosed that date Wednesday in an email to students, faculty and staff.

Considering the BoT will rubberstamp Watts' decision, and since Watts' fired the first consultants, ones who said that football had a small net gain, safe to say what the outcome of this will be. But, you know, all we're going to hear is Big Bad Alabama bullying UAB, when in fact the issue is the Constitution of the State of Alabama and number of trustees, and appointment of the same -- none of which has anything to do with Tuscaloosa.