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2015 SEC Baseball Tournament Preview & Alabama - Ole Miss Open Thread

South Carolina companion site, Garnet and Black Attack, broke down the field for this week's SEC Baseball Tournament, including expanded analysis of the top seeds.

Smells like a rematch.
Smells like a rematch.
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We're not going to preview this one-shot versus Ole Miss. However, Alabama comes in on a hot-streak, playing its best baseball all season. If the pitching is as excellent as it was the past weekend vs. Vanderbilt, then Alabama not only has a shot in this morning's tourney-opening game versus the dangerous, high-scoring Rebels, but the Tide could also make a deep run provided its bats come to life.

Where / How To Watch: Today's first round action of the 2015 SEC Baseball Tournament Presented By Tires Pro will be broadcast exclusively on the SEC Network. Pre-game coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. Central, with first pitch at 9:36 a.m. Central.

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For those looking for somewhat of a preview, here is what our friends at Garnet and Black have to say (and the article is excellent. Go read it:)

2015 SEC Baseball Tournament Preview: Is it LSU's to lose, or could another team emerge? - Garnet And Black Attack

...the top seed hasn't won the SEC tournament since 2009 (LSU, who ended up winning the College World Series that season), a year before they ended up winning it as an eight seed in 2010. (As for that year's College World Series...that was another story.) Without further ado, here's a look at the field:

Ole Miss

No. 6: Ole Miss Sikes Orvis is one behind Benintendi for the SEC lead in homers (16) and is tied for third with 53 RBI, so if he's not at his best, the Rebels have no shot.


No. 11: Alabama The Tide suffer from a similar problem as Kentucky: some decent bats in the lineup (i.e. Mikey White and Casey Hughston) but the lack of pitching to back it up.

The winner of this game draws the high-powered Aggies. GABA takes an in-depth look at the No. 3 seed in College Station, but the general summary is as follows for Texas A&M

No. 3 Texas A&M: They don't really have the all-out, top-to-bottom strength that LSU has, and they aren't the best team defensively, but their pure ability to get men on base, their overall run production, and their power make them a group to watch. (Of note: both Alabama and Ole Miss, their potential second round opponents, have beaten them this year.)

Below is your open thread for today's SEC Tournament action