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Butch Jones Loses His S&@! As "Sweet Home Alabama" Plays On Rocky Top.

This is absolutely wonderful. Made my day...definitely my week...possibly my year.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

KNOXVILLE, TN - A beautiful March morning, Spring football is about to start, recruits line up in droves to see the resurgent Tennessee Volunteers, Mr. Bluebird visiting ole' Rocky Top. All is beautiful. It's a postcard moment in the shadows of Neyland Stadium.

Then, from a nearby PA, it plays. The song. A declaration of war.

Sweet Home Alabama.

What follows is the best 4:46 second video you will perhaps ever see, as Alabama's unofficial anthem tortures the Vol football program, losers of eight straight and nine of the past ten Third Saturday meetings.


Butch Jones: UT Football Coach Hears 'Sweet Home Alabama' :

University of Tennessee head coach Butch Jones was having a pretty good opening day of practice, until he heard a familiar guitar lick wafting into his stadium.

It was Lynyrd Skynyrd's beloved song "Sweet Home Alabama," which isn't so beloved at UT, considering that in 2014, the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide racked up its eighth consecutive victory over Tennessee. "Why would we have that playing at Tennessee?"

Jones is seen yelling in this clip posted to the team's Facebook page. "Do you think you could go to Alabama and they'd sing 'Rocky Top'? That's embarrassing. Are we not at Tennessee?"