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Ravens Cut Ex-Alabama ILB Trey DePriest

The Tide product was always going to have a tough hill to climb.

Chin up, big guy.
Chin up, big guy.
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens decided to play musical chairs with their undrafted free agent ILBs, and Trey DePriest was left without a dancing partner.

Ravens cut UDFA linebacker Trey DePriest and add UDFA linebacker Andrew Bose - Baltimore Beatdown

The Ravens have cut undrafted rookie linebacker Trey DePriest and re-signed undrafted rookie linebacker Andrew Bose. You might remember Bose's name as he was on the roster just a few weeks ago but was cut in order to make room for cornerback Kyle Arrington.

This move will not surprise many, as DePriest's game is a limited one - he has liabilities in the passing game and lacks the speed and pursuit angles to get outside. Still, there may be room for a run-stuffer on another roster, so I'd expect the Alabama product to bounce around until the season starts, and hopefully he'll find a place to land.