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Coming Soon: University of Alabama - Chesapeake Bay

The SEC tries to force the NCAA's hand, threaten the Big Ten, by lifting restrictions on satellite camp attendance.

Coming soon to a Midwestern midden near you.
Coming soon to a Midwestern midden near you.
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, blue-chip lineman in Altoona, PA, wanna' meet Mark Richt at your local high school?

Five-star defensive end in West Virginia, Coach Nick Saban will be a short drive away in Athens, Ohio, as a "guest coach" of course.

All-everything QB in San Luis Obispo, ever wanted to hear Coach Sumlin talk about air raid principles in sunny California? Now's your chance.

SEC eliminates its ban of satellite camps, still hopes to see 'recruiting tours' disappear |

A couple SEC coaches admit that their stance on satellite camps may be a bit selfish. But if the league's national proposal to ban the camps does not pass, many of the same coaches who have spent the last year complaining about them will be on the road next summer.

The SEC's athletic directors voted to drop its restriction against satellite camps on Wednesday during the league's annual spring meetings in Destin, Florida.

Does the SEC want its coaches traveling the four corners of the continent "coaching" (and by that, we mean evaluating and recruiting) at satellite camps as "guests?" Absolutely not. But, by relaxing the restrictions and allowing its members to exploit the same loophole that Big Ten members so gleefully do, the SEC has signaled that it is more than willing to level the playing field for its guys.

In this case "leveling the playing field" is tantamount to turning loose the nation's best recruiters on campuses throughout the entire country, areas that have been firmly locked in to certain conferences and schools for a century. The arms escalation here is a loss for the Rust Belt league.

There is a way to turn back this madness though, and it is one the SEC will propose this year - 50 miles means that...50 miles: No more "guest" appearances and de facto recruiting tours. It's a matter at this point of who will blink first.

You wanted this, Big Ten. You got it.

On your own head be it.