Happy Anniversary RBR (a day early)

Yes tommorrow is the 9th Anniversary of RollBamaRoll.Com

I would like to thank all who have contributed, supported, etc over these 9 years - this website/blog has honestly become my home away from home. Other sports websites (even the big boys) come and go but RBR has hung in there and for that I am very appreciative.

Below is the original post from Nico2.0 (as far as I know from scanning the archives). I also included some additional firsts.

Let's ROLL TIDE ROLL to Number 10!!

Welcome to!

By Nico2.0 on May 30, 2006, 3:33p 1


Welcome to!

This is a place for all things Crimson Tide.

Football will be the most frequently discussed topic (I'm sure that's really shocking), but we will shower love on all Tide teams from basketball to baseball to gymnastics to soccer.

The University of Alabama has a winning tradition in many sports, so we'll celebrate our past as well as discuss the present. What the heck, we'll even try to predict the future too. We will touch on other teams from time to time as well.

Some of you out there will be familiar with my previous blogs: Eccentric Southern Gentleman and 16 Horsepower. They were "everything and the kitchen sink" blogs where I discussed sports, movies, music, books, religion, etc. I still love all of that stuff, but I wanted a place where I could focus my love and devotion to the Alabama Crimson Tide, and that place is

RBR isn't just my site though, it's yours too. I want YOUR input, commentary, etc. You can even write your own blog entries in the 'Diaries' section.

So, if you've ever considered naming your child Paul or Bear, this is the place for you. If you know what "Bad in Plaid" is, you'll fit right in here. If you ever find yourself singing "Rammer Jammer" in the offseason, then will feel just like home.

Finally busted double digit comments (15) on Sept. 2, 2006 with this

Just thought this one was funny


the first edition of RBR Friday Random Ten

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