Tracking Bama's newest in the NFL

Alright, so now that the draft is over, undrafted players are getting snatched up by the pro squads. Here's who I've seen go so far:

Nick Perry- Ravens

Trey DePriest- Ravens

Blake Sims- minicamp invite with the Packers; no contract as of yet

DeAndrew White- 49ers

Christion Jones- Dolphins

Brandon Ivory- Texans

Brian Vogler- Bears

These boys join, of course, Cooper (Raiders), Landon (GIANTS), Yeldon (Jags), Fowler (Titans), Arie K (Skinnies), Shepherd (Vikings) and Dickson (Pats) as the newest Bama products in the NFL.

Big round of congrats to everyone who got picked up this weekend, let's hope we're seeing some of these guys on the ESPN highlight reels come fall.


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