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Community Guidelines Reminder: Stop Being Assholes To Each Other

Friendly reminder from the asshole-in-chief


We need a refresher on the Community Guidelines, it seems. They are summed up, thusly: Don't be a free-floating asshole.

We will not have a trolling culture where we take pot shots at other members in unresponsive fashion, a manner in which said member(s) have not even commented. That's called, as the kids say, "being a jackass."

As a fan of due process, let this serve as your notice and opportunity to be heard: This is your one, only, and last public warning. The next person that does it gets a three-day banhammer. Thereafter, we will progress to bamboo splinters under the nails or making you dress in orange and french-kissing Smokey.


d'awwwww....that's adorable.

The community guidelines are spelled out below, and I've hyperlinked the relevant page here:

This is an Alabama blog for Alabama fans, but we talk about all kinds of stuff from football, basketball, baseball in general to the music and movies we like, the SEC, and NCAA in general, so you're welcome to do the same.

Rival fans are welcome, but in everything you comment on or post, remember, the anonymity of the internet does not give you license to be a horrible human. There are a lot of different people that root for the Tide, and therefor a lot of different people are reading this blog. Any sort of racist/ sexist/ homophobic/ just plain hateful comments will be deleted immediately, and you are likely to be banned.
NOTE: If you act a fool on other sites which results in a ban, you may be banned at RBR. Play nice.